About Me

Hi and welcome to Stuff in a Powder Puff! My name is Dee and I am a self-described makeup addict, albeit a frugal newbie. This blog is dedicated to my journey through Makeup Land!15536791_10100882952993489_1270269184_o

A little about me to start off: I am a 33 year old corporate desk jockey. I work for an amazing place that lets me have visible tattoos and piercings, bright colored hair, funky hats, and (language, theme, and visually appropriate) graphic tees in an otherwise adult business-casual environment. My job is incredibly varied but I mostly do data entry, trending metrics, and quality testing. I spend a good deal of time in my office or a conference room but I also work in the warehouse shifting boxes, touching (often dirty) metal parts, and using chemicals during quality inspections. It is a crapshoot on if I will A) destroy my clothing and B) sweat my makeup off each day. I live with my disabled mother and my two little sisters (Kid 1 and Kid 2) that are early teens. We have a house full of furballs (the cats: Sabriel, Nermal, and Luna; the dogs: Wilbur and Isabelle). I rescued Sabriel in 2008. Mom took in Nermal around the same time. Wilbur joined us in 2012. Izzy joined us in 2014. And Luna just came to us in 2016. Everyone is fixed, up to date on shots, and in various stages of becoming literal couch potatoes.

I’m on Instagram as no.1puffin. Once I figure out a better ID, I’ll update this. 10 minutes since I’ve changed my ID and I have already been asked about being into weed. No, no I am not. No judgement. It’s just not my thing.


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