First Time Ordering & It Glitched

Oy. I’m always nervous ordering for the first time from an untrusted website. I love online shopping but it can be a gamble, especially when it is for discount or knock off products. Hush was recommended by folks in a FB makeup group. I spent a couple weeks checking the site and reading reviews of the site online. I decided to give it a try on the 4th. The site says they only work Monday-Friday until 5pm (no idea what time zone). My order was placed around 9pm on Friday so I knew it would be Monday before anything happened. I got my order confirmation sent to my email and to FB messenger.

Monday, as expected, I got a shipping notice. No expected delivery date though. My stuff was coming from somewhere in California via DHL. DHL is so flipping slow. I don’t even know why people use it to ship anything. And it is 50/50 with DHL if it will show an expected delivery date. Yeah, needless to say, I’m not a fan.

My order arrived on the 11th. I was pleasantly surprised. I went through the packing list as I was pulling things out. I will say this: Everything was packaged really well. The only thing I was worried about was the eyeshadow palette. I’m always leery of getting pressed powders in the mail. They wrapped this thing in enough bubble wrap that I don’t think it could have broken if someone stomped on it! So that is definitely a good thing. But….

I am missing an item. *sigh* It wasn’t an expensive item. My entire order was relatively small, around $40 in total for 7 items. But I paid for it and I want it. After searching Hush’s website, it appears the only way to contact them is via FB messenger. No email or phone contact for customer service. I sent them a message with my order number and asked for help. Since it was once again after 5pm on a Friday, I figured I was going to have to wait until Monday for a response from Hush… if they responded at all. Ahhhh!

I got a response back less than an hour later. They asked for the email associated with my order. Within 3 minutes, I had an order confirmation for my replacement item. And a discount code to use for my trouble. It, again, will not ship until Monday so I should have it probably Friday.

Provided they send me the correct item, I’m going to say that I am happy with the customer service response. Mistakes happen. It is unfortunate that it happened on my first order. I’m going to wait until I get this replacement item to haul my order and provide an end result of what happens. If it works out, I’ll let the girls pick a few items each and use the discount code to get them some fun things.

❤ Dee

PS. We survived the birthday party yesterday, moody teenagers and all. So glad that is over for another year. 😀


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