Haul #29: Ulta (again)

Hello from the past! Because I am trying hard not to spam the reader, this post is going to appear on Saturday despite being written late Thursday night.

My 2nd Ulta haul showed up Thursday. If you remember, this was the unplanned order that I ended up making to get Kid #1’s last birthday present.


The whole reason for this order was the flat iron. Kid #1 asked for a wider flat iron for her birthday. All of her former flat irons have been 1″ wide. This puppy is 2 1/4″ wide! It is the widest one Ulta showed available and was reasonably priced at $34.99. Kid #1 paid $10 toward it and I paid the rest to keep the gifts fair for both her and Kid #2.


It looks like a decent flat iron. It only has 2 reviews though so I hope it doesn’t burn her hair off her head. :/

20793891_10101132017321579_1011530655_o20771826_10101132017296629_1615913772_oTo go with the flat iron, I picked up some heat protectant. I found Not Your Mother’s Beat the Heat Thermal Styling Spray for $5.99. Kid #1 has apparently been out of heat protectant for months and forgot to tell us. She kept on using that flat iron though. 😡 One of these days, she’ll learn that I’m not overreacting when I worry about her hair. *sigh* Not Your Mother’s was on a B1G1 50% off sale so I checked out what else they had on offer. I love their unscented dry shampoo but I literally stocked up a couple weeks ago so I have 4 cans on my dresser. Instead, I decided to try their Way to Grow Scalp & Hair Booster Shot. This is 3 treatments that work as an after-shower leave-in treatment. I immediately thought about Mom when I saw that. She has had some serious hair thinning and scalp issues thanks to eczema so I thought she might want to give this a try. I got this for $8.99 and ended up paying $3 for the heat spray.

20771864_10101132017251719_381330685_oI wanted the current Ulta free 12-piece gift so I had to spend another $19.50 on Ulta products to get that makeup bag. I picked up a 6-piece eyeliner set for $18.00. The Little Black Liners Wardrobe has the felt tip liner that I’ve already used and like pretty well. It also has the glitter liquid liner, the gel pencil, the smokey chubby pencil, a paddle felt tip liner, and a cat eye tool. For $18.00, this set is kind of awesome. The felt tip liner is $9 and the gel pencil is $8. So that is $17 of the $18 right there. I don’t have prices on the other 3 liners or the cat eye tool but I think it is safe to say that the set is a good value. I don’t see any glitter in the glitter liner, the chubby pencil and the gel smears despite letting it sit for 20 minutes (and my other gels don’t smear like that), and I have very little use for the paddle liner. To be fair, I think the chubby pencil is supposed to smear for smoky eyes. The glitter liner is super black and the glitter liner, felt tip liner, and the paddle liner dry down completely and don’t smear. The paddle liner is sheer-ish so it probably needs more than one coat. That cat eye tool is rubbery. I don’t think I’ll ever use it so it will definitely go to Kid #1.


I still needed $1.50 to get my makeup gift so I grabbed up another restock of the Ulta Eye Makeup Remover wipes. I love these things and this size is great for traveling. The lid isn’t as tight as the full size so I wager these would lose their wetness after time but there are only 15 pads in there so they don’t last as long. I’ll toss this in my travel kid for my next trip.

20771594_10101132017161899_1683620316_oFinally, I was able to get the blue makeup bag! The piece set includes the makeup bag, a matching mirror, a blush brush, a lip gloss, a lip primer, a sharpener, a 6-pan eyeshadow palette, a 3-pan powder palette, a chubby lip pencil, tinted eyeshadow primer, mascara, and a double-ended eyeliner.


I only have eyeliners to swatch this time around. I tried to do something with that cat eye tool and it uh… did not go well. 😀 L to R paddle, felt tip, chubby, gel, and glitter.

I will be divvying the blue bag and the remnants of the pink 12-piece bag I got in the last haul plus some extra items (MAC mascara sample, a few of these eyeliners, etc.) for the girls’ birthday party on Saturday. I need to sit down and figure out which kid gets which stuff. And wrap everything. I really should get on that. The party is Saturday at 4pm. haha

❤ Dee


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