Haul #28: Ulta

This haul showed up on Tuesday but I was so distracted by my Macy’s Beauty Box that it was too late that night to go through it. And I made the mistake of opening it in front of Mom and Gran so I ended up giving up a few items along the way. 😀


20727165_10101130051321459_3961053_o.jpgI ended up getting the last 5 of the Ulta Gel Eyeliners that I don’t have of the bright colors. These are $8 each. They were buy 3 get 2 free so I was so all about snapping them up since I had 5 left for my collection. However, when I opened my package, Mom claimed the peacock green. lol I ended up being able to keep penny, storm, aqua, and night sky.


I picked up Ulta’s Eye Makeup Remover pads (80 count) as a restock item. I am nearly out between the 80 count and the 15 count I got around the same time a couple months ago. I love these things. They work better than any other eye makeup remover I’ve tried and they are stinking cheap. $6.50 for the 80 count container. They don’t dry out after opening them every night which was my expectation. I genuinely expected to get through about 1/2 the stack and find the rest bone dry from air exposure. The lid closes tight enough that it isn’t an issue. I’ve been very careful to replace the lid after getting my pad out though so maybe that has helped too.

20727667_10101130051341419_906001381_oI decided to buy a full size of the MAC Prep & Prime Fix +. I’ve been using the travel size bottle I bought last month as a facial primer and as a setting spray. Even if I skip face makeup and just do eyes and lips, I’ve been using it. I’ve only gone through about 1/3 of the travel size bottle. Definitely lasts a long time and works. I love the sprayer on it too. It is super powerful and I really recommend using it at arm’s length! My only issue with sprays like this is how on Earth do I use this to wet my brush? It goes everywhere. lol This retails for $25.00 ($7.35/oz).

20747484_10101130050962179_60973242_oSince I bought a MAC product, I got a MAC mascara sample for free. This ended up being a duplicate of the MAC mascara that came in my Macy’s Beauty Box. So I guess they are sending them out to every retailer right now. Works for me. I don’t need 2 of them so I am giving it to Kid #2. Kid #1 has several mascaras but Kid #2 only has 1 that is starting to dry up now so she needs it more.

The last item in the first picture is a pink makeup bag from Ulta. It is a free 12-piece set that I got for ordering $19.50 in Ulta brand products. 😀 There were 2 choices of bags: blue or pink. I got the pink one.


If you count the items in the picture above, you’ll notice there are only 11 items. That is because Gran asked if she could have the sharpener they sent. I was planning to give one to each of the girls but whatever. If Gran needs a sharpener, she shall have a sharpener. ❤

This set includes:

  • makeup bag (stiff plastic with a horrible sticking zipper)
  • makeup mirror (matches the bag)
  • lip primer
  • maximum length mascara in jet black (smells slightly like chemicals mixed with flowers, yuck)
  • matte lip crayon in soiree (slight floral smell)
  • 3-pan powder palette with bronzer (warm), highlighter (radiant diamond), and setting powder (translucent) (smells much better than the last few palettes)
  • 6-pan eyeshadow palette with applicator in shades sunshine, plum drop, desire, say what, buzzword, and fearless (smells much better than the last few palettes)
  • double-ended eyeliner pencil in blackout and plum
  • color rush lip gloss in olivia (I’ve gotten this one before and I still don’t like it)
  • tinted eyeshadow primer in satin blush (I totally didn’t expect this to be a beautiful pink pearl shade… it looks like a cream eyeshadow. No clue if this will set with powder but after it sitting on my hand for 5 minutes without powder, it wasn’t dry)
  • blush brush

I must have forgotten to take solo pictures of the lip gloss and the eyeshadow primer. I can’t find them on my phone or anywhere on my computer. *shrug* I’m at work right now so I can’t do anything about it.

I will be giving the pink makeup bag and matching mirror to Kid #2. She likes pink a lot better than Kid #1. When my blue bag arrives, I will give it to Kid #1. From this set, I will be keeping the mascara, the matte lip crayon, and the tinted eyeshadow primer. I will be giving up the lip primer, powder palette, eyeshadow palette, double-ended eyeliner, lip gloss, and blush brush in a pool to split between the girls. Maybe. I was tempted to take the powder palette and eyeshadow palette from this bag as well. I have not decided quite yet.

The swatches for this were numerous and somewhat disappointing.


All shades are referenced from right to left this time.

The first eyeliner (far right) is penny, which I expected to be a coppery shade. It is a lavender shade instead. Not disappointing, just surprised. The peacock green, storm, and aqua were as expected. Night sky was also surprising. I thought it would be a navy blue. I was right… but I didn’t expect the sparkles. Eh.

The matte lip crayon is next and I actually like this shade. I didn’t like the last matte crayon I bought so I hope they have improved their formula. The lip gloss beside it is a repeat from an earlier free set and I still don’t like it. Meh. The last 2 eyeliners are the double-ended eyeliners in blackout and plum (right to left).

That bright streak is the tinted eyeshadow primer. It is thick and creamy. I don’t know if it is meant to be used like a cream eyeshadow or if it supposed to be shimmer on the eyes or what. It is super pretty regardless.

The 3 pan powder palette was a 2/3 for me. The translucent powder was satisfactorily translucent. The highlighter is very nice, similar to Urban Decay’s 8-Hour Highlighter in Sin. The bronzer in warm was almost invisible on my skin. That made me sad.

The 6 pan eyeshadow palette was the biggest disappointment for swatches. I swatched the top row first and then the bottom row. The first shade (next to the bronzer) is desire, the top right shade from the palette. It looks like it should be a gray but it ended up being lavender. Strange but okay. The next shade, plum drop, is a nice purple but it took a few finger swipes to get it to show up. The shade beside that is sunshine. It is a decent yellow shimmer but it is patchy and needs work to get the shimmer to go on even. Beside sunshine is the bottom right shade fearless. This was the best shade, a vibrant shimmery coral. Buzzword ended up being invisible on my skin. While that might make for a decent powder to go over eyeshadow primer, it doesn’t do me much else good. Lastly, say what is on the bottom left of the eyeshadow palette and the last shade to the left on my arm. It showed up well after a few swipes but it was very chalky in the process. This ended up being a 3/6 for me. After swatching it, I’m not certain I will end up keeping the powder or eyeshadow palettes now.

Alright that is it for this haul. When my next Ulta haul shows up tonight or Friday, I will take a picture of the blue bag but I’m not going to haul the inside again. That would be silly. 😉 I will decide by then what I’m keeping and what I’m giving away and who gets what. I’ll haul the rest of the order, including that flat iron that I really thought was going to be more difficult to find. lol

❤ Dee


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