August 2018 Macy’s Beauty Box

My first Macy’s Beauty Box wasn’t supposed to be here until today but it showed up yesterday. Woo!


I was pleasantly surprised! I have to say, I like the box better than the padded envelope that Ipsy and Morphe comes in. The envelope is probably better padded but the box is harder to lose in the mail truck. lol


This is Macy’s first beauty box and I got in on it as soon as I heard about it back in… June? I think. It costs $15/month and you get a makeup bag, 5 makeup samples, 1 fragrance sample, and a $5 coupon good toward a beauty purchase at Macy’s. The box also came with a booklet similar to the insert that comes with the Morphe bags. The booklet includes information about each product, including how much the full size product costs! Some of them include the size of the full size product too. That makes my research for these posts so much easier. 😀

20773352_10101130050922259_619701156_oThe first product I pulled out was the Tarte Maracuja Oil. I actually got this early into my makeup journey. It was either in my first Ipsy bag or maybe my first nice size freebie set from Ulta or something. I don’t use oils but Kid #1 does so I’ve handed this off to her. This retails for $48.00 ($28.40/oz).

20727207_10101130050907289_538859714_oThe 2nd product I pulled out was the perfume sample from Carolina Herrera in the scent Good Girl. The full size product is super cute… it is a freaking stiletto after all! This retails for $115.00 for it’s 2.7 oz. size. I’m not crazy about the scent so I sent this away with Kid #2.

20747457_10101130051017069_506580380_oThe 3rd product I pulled out is a face cleanser from Philosophy. The Purity Made Simple Cleanser retails for $36.00 ($2.25/oz) for the full size product. It smells like a light version of tea tree oil. After a quick browse of the ingredients, I handed this off to Kid #2. I don’t know what coconut alcohol is and I’m sure my face will not appreciate it.20727644_10101130051007089_998590008_o

The 4th product I pulled out is Benefit’s Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel. This is in the shade medium. I have never tried a fiber product so I kept this one to give it a whirl. It smells awful so I’m really glad it isn’t going on my eyelashes. This product retails for $24.00 ($226.42/oz). Yikes.

20771809_10101130051326449_2121087821_oThe 5th product I pulled out is MAC’s False Lashes Extreme Black mascara. I’ve never seen mascara come in a soft tube. This smells almost as bad as the brow gel. Man, phew! I don’t know how this is going to work out. This retails for $23.00 ($82.14/oz). The full size product comes in a regular tube. I love the idea of MAC mascara but in real life, this smell may be too much.

20707299_10101130050987129_420193867_oThe 6th product, the last one, is a Smashbox eyeshadow duo. These 2 shades are a sample from Smashbox’s Golden Hour Cover Shot palette. The palette retails for $29.00 ($107.41/oz). These eyeshadows felt very creamy, didn’t have much fall out, and went on with good pigmentation for a finger swatch. I was impressed. Not enough to pay $29 for 8 eyeshadows but it feels nice. This sample will get a workout.

Somehow, I managed to forget to take a picture of the makeup bag! What is wrong with me?! lol The theme for the month is “The In Crowd” and it is on this beautiful gold bag.



Look at those 2 swatches! Very pretty shades, these shimmers. I am excited to try these out.

Did anyone else get the Macy’s box this month? Despite giving 3 out of 7 of the items away, I feel like this box is well worth it for the variety and well known brands.

❤ Dee


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