I Actually Found a Flat Iron

I was pretty much resigned to waiting a few weeks to find a flat iron for Kid #1’s birthday. She was on board for this because she doesn’t have much of her Florida-I-Hit-The-Lottery cash left and knew she needed a sale. However… I found a 2 1/4″ ceramic hot iron on Ulta.com for $35 with a couple good reviews on Sunday. She is stoked. Her regular hot iron is 1″ and she wants one that is wider.

I already ordered an Ulta haul on Saturday and got the pink makeup bag gift. I couldn’t resist so I added a couple random Ulta brand items to the order so I could get the blue makeup bag gift set too. I will give the makeup bags to the girls and some of the products inside. Each bag comes with a matching compact mirror, a brush, a liquid lipstick, a lip primer, a sharpener, a 6-pan eyeshadow set, a 3-pan powder set, a chubby lip pencil, a tinted eye primer, a mascara, and a double-ended eyeliner. I will have to decide what I’m keeping from each set and what I’m giving to the girls. They will definitely get the lip primer and eyeshadow primer. I already know I don’t like those. I’ll give them the mirrors since they match the bags and the sharpeners since I already have 2. Then I’ll probably mix and match the rest. I am not giving away all 24 pieces of free makeup. Sorry not sorry. lol

To go with the flat iron, I also picked up a spray heat protectant. I’m sure Kid #1 is running low on that considering the last few times I’ve seen her using the flat iron, she wasn’t freaking using any. Ughhhhh. I also got Mom a scalp treatment for thinning hair.

With Ulta’s fast shipping, it might actually be here before the party. So now I have my first Ulta haul and my Macy’s box coming on the 9th (so trackings say) and my Ipsy, Hush, and 2nd Ulta haul coming on dates unknown. My best guess, the 2nd Ulta order should be here by Friday or Saturday, and Ipsy and Hush will probably show up middle/end of the next week.

❤ Dee


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