Solo Traveler #104: Catrice Prime and Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder

I don’t have nearly enough powders in my collection so I was very happy to pick up Catrice’s Prime and Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder back in June in an Ulta haul. I got this product during a B2G1 free sale. I paid $7.49 ($24.16/oz) for this product, the full retail price. I got it along with the foundation I reviewed last week and the concealer I will review soon.

19449487_10101073057332869_57438478_oThis product scored an 85, a totally acceptable score for me. It only lost points because I paid full price and it’s chemical composition containing some iffy ingredients (talc, ergh). I did give it 1/2 points for the sale category since it was part of a sale but not actually on sale. This powder is in a fantastic compact with a good mirror. I am very happy with that. It is completely translucent, no crazy white washing residue after blending. It has no smell and very little fall out. While I have used it with the matching matte foundation, I’ve also used it with bb creams and other foundations. It does work in mattifying my other products.

I won’t say this is actually waterproof though. The name/claim is misleading. It helps prevent oilyness and holds up to minor humidity. But it isn’t sweat-proof by any means. I’ve yet to find a product that actually holds up to sweat. lol

For what it is and the price I paid, I have to say that this is an excellent pressed powder and anyone with combination or oil skin should give it a try.

❤ Dee


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