Finding Something New

Ya’ll I’m in a makeup rut. Other than ABH’s Subculture, I haven’t really been excited about any new makeup lately. I’m not really into the unicorn or mermaid stuff. I have tons of lipsticks and eyeshadows that I need to use up. I don’t do a full face often enough to buy more face products right now. The only thing I’ve really been into is bright eyeliners and as it is inching closer to fall, that is not something that I will be continuing much longer. I have enough products right now to do new reviews with my new 2-days-a-week schedule to keep me occupied through October. And I have Ipsy and Macy’s subscriptions coming each month which gives me 10+ new items to review. What’s a girl to do?!

I spent a couple hours pouring over looking to try something from a brand I’ve yet to try. Aside from some obvious high-end stuff that is not in my price range, I really came up with nothing. There was one brand that had potential, Tattoo Junkie, but they only offer 3 products (all liquid lips with chrome/glitter press-in stuff) that just didn’t do anything for me. I had a $10 off coupon from Ulta that expires today and I really wanted Ulta’s latest 12-piece gift set. I ended up ordering stuff finally (mostly cruelty-free items) but I didn’t find anything new sadly.

I decided to check out Sephora. I have that free 2-day shipping thing with them that I got back at the beginning of the year and I’ve yet to order anything since. Even after checking the sale section, I really didn’t see anything. I am trying to avoid buying stuff that is tested on animals since I’m in the process of making the switch. So Sephora Collection is out. And everything else is just too damn expensive. No purchase made today.

I checked Hautelook. Morphe and Urban Decay are both featured right now. Nothing jumped out at me. Plus I really don’t want to wait 4 weeks to get my stuff every again. Meh. No purchase there either.

I looked at Hush. The makeup group on Facebook has been talking about the site’s knockoff palettes lately. Hush has a lot of brands with potential but almost all of them are Asian knockoff brands that 1) could have iffy ingredients and 2) are probably not cruelty-free. Milani is on there though and I’ve never tried Miliani products. Surprisingly, they have quite a bit of high end brands like Make Up Forever and Urban Decay. They also have J.Cat Beauty, ELF, and NYX products. I don’t really see any price cuts to major brands, just the cheap knock off versions of various palettes. I made a small order (also mostly cruelty-free brands) and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing crazy comes from it. I will say that the popup that they have showing that someone has purchased something every 2 seconds is the most annoying thing I’ve seen today.

Ulta usually shows up in a week or less. Hush says it takes 5-8 days to arrive but they only ship Monday-Friday so they won’t even get around to my order until Monday anyways. Ipsy and Macy’s subs are coming around mid-month. I’ll have 4 hauls and add about 15-20 items to my “to review” list within the next 2 weeks. I didn’t find anything that wowed me but I’m very happy with all the stuff coming my way. I am excited to share it all with you soon.

❤ Dee


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