Ipsy Spoilers, Macy’s Beauty Box, and Free ELF Lipstick

Hey everyone! I had an unexpectedly very busy couple of days so I took a few days off of blogging to keep up. I’m back and I have exciting things to share.

#1: I came home from work yesterday and found a package waiting for me. I was super confused because I wasn’t expecting any package until my Ipsy or Macy’s bags arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks. And then I saw the return address was from some chick in Canada whom I didn’t recognize the name. I randomly thought it might be a book from some silly Facebook chain letter I participated in 6 months ago regarding sending books to random strangers.

I flipped it over and saw a label on the back proclaiming it to be something from the ELF beauty squad. Intrigued, I opened it up and inside was a lipstick! Completely free, completely unexpected lipstick. ELF sent me one of their Velvet Matte Lipsticks in the shade brick simply because I’ve ordered from their site in the past. How cool is that? The shade is quite nice.

Kid #2 was very put out when I didn’t offer it to her since it was free and I wasn’t expecting it. I think not. lol This shade is exclusive to ELF beauty squad members so that was very cool! I can’t find it on their site at least. 😉

#2: I checked my email before bed last night and got the email that my first Macy’s Beauty Box has shipped! Tracking says it will be here on the 9th. I was kind of able to view what products will be in it and I am super excited.

For $15/month, I’m getting a makeup bag that looks hella cute, 1 fragrance sample (the full size is a freaking stiletto! adorbs!), and 5 high end products from Smashbox, Tarte, Philosophy, MAC, and Benefit. I had to check mysubscriptionaddiction.com to find out what the items actually were because the picture is a bit blurry. I will definitely use the Smashbox, MAC, and Benefit products. The Tarte product will go straight to Kid #1. And I’m a bit iffy on the Philosophy product but we’ll see on that one.

The box is the same for everyone apparently and there are no full size items in this. However, I can’t wait to get this box. It looks promising.

#3: Ipsy is driving me insane. They changed the app. I should be able to see spoilers by now, at least the guaranteed products (the “you’ll get at least one of these in your bag” thing) but it isn’t showing up. I just got to see the glam bag preview today when I can normally see the bag on the 1st! By the way, if you missed the news, this month there are actually 3 different sunset inspired bags.

So I had to go to mysubscriptionaddiction.com (again) to see this month’s spoilers. Actually, I saw a couple spoiler posts a few days ago and I ended up making my first item request based on that spoiler. I emailed IpsyCare and got a response from customer service within an hour promising me that the item I requested would be in my bag. Cool.

I also redeemed my first Ipsy points for an item last week so that should come with this bag too. I hope so. There is no way to track your point redemption purchases apparently. I kept the email saying I redeemed the points so we’ll see if my item shows up.

After digging through a few other sites on the Ipsy spoilers (trying in vain to figure out why I wasn’t seeing the spoilers like I normally do by now) and I fell upon a nefarious hack that is probably against all of Ipsy’s TOS. I tried it on a lark and it worked. So I now know what items will be in my August bag (but not which of the 3 bags I will be getting) and I am pretty dang excited. The item I requested is showing on that list! Yay!!!

It looks to be yet another 4/5 bag but time will tell. I expect my Ipsy to arrive sometime around the 15th like normal.

#4: This is not makeup related but it is kind of huge. Kid #1 got back from vacation in Florida with her friend last week and returned home with quite a bit of cash. My gut instinct was to interrogate her until I found out exactly what she did to earn that small fortune (I was legit about to drive to Florida and probably to go to jail for beating a stranger to death.) but the friend’s mother knew if she didn’t explain that I’d never believe a 15 year old.

Yeah, the kid turned 15 this week. Ugh.

So apparently my little sister’s friend’s mom’s father is fairly wealthy. He paid for the 3 of them to fly to Florida and spend the week with him. When they got there, he gave them all a considerable sum of cash to go shopping because he wanted to spend some quality time with his daughter and granddaughter. After they spent all of it on outlet-priced high end brands (Tommy H., Michael Kors, etc.), he spent all kinds of money taking them horseback riding through the ocean, paddle boating, parasailing, and so on for a week while feeding them in 5 star restaurants for almost every dinner. He also sent both of the girls for a day by themselves at Disney’s Magic Kingdom so he had a day with his daughter.

Before they left, he again gave them each a considerable sum of cash once more for his daughter to fix her broken truck, for his grand daughter to pay for driver’s ed., and for Kid #1 to pay for her driver’s ed. too! The friend’s mother assured me that nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical occurred for my little sister to suddenly be sitting almost $1,000. He is just a lonely old man that wanted to make things a little easier for his daughter and grand daughter.

I still feel some kind of way about it but as long as those kids didn’t steal it or do something sketchy for it, fine. Talk about hitting the freaking lottery.

I confiscated it, of course. Kid #1 didn’t argue. She knew that was coming. I took the amount of money out of her stash that she owed me ($120), let her keep $200 for spending money (which is already nearly gone 😦 ), and put the rest in a savings account in my name. I told her under no circumstances is she touching any of it until we find out how much her driver’s ed. is going to cost. Even then, she probably won’t get to touch it until the stupid program is paid for and she has her driver’s license in hand.

That is one major financial hurdle I wasn’t looking forward to happening in early January that I now do not have to worry about. My best guess, based on what I’ve seen online, is that driver’s ed., the temps, the test, and the license is going to set the kid back about $750. I was not looking forward to fronting that money for her to eventually pay back. Now she has that plus enough to cover at least her first month’s insurance and a tank of gas. Then she needs to get a job. 😀

Whew! That was a lot of updates for one little blog post but I’ve missed my blog. Granted, I genuinely did not have time to write anything at all since Monday. But I missed you all and Stuff in Powder Puff. Let’s not take such a long break ever again unless it involves me being in some exotic location that either involves sandy beaches or castle ruins, k? 😀

❤ Dee


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