Final Review of MorpheMe from LiveGlam

Well now that I have the last of my MorpheMe LiveGlam bags, I thought I should round up the details of my subscription and give my final thoughts.


I paid a monthly subscription of $19.99 for 6 months and ended up getting 8 bags counting the accidental duplicate they sent in June and the bag I redeemed for points at the end. In total, I got 31 brushes for $119.94 for an average of $3.87 per brush. The number is slightly skewed since I got those 2 extra bags at no charge. Of the 31 brushes, 7 of those were worth more than $10 each.

  • January was my 1st bag. I got the MB1 ($10.99), MB4 (9.99), MB9 ($4.99), MB10 ($2.99), and MB19 ($1.99). The bag’s total value was $30.95.
  • In February, I got the G33 ($8.99), G34 ($8.99), and G36 ($13.99). The bag’s total value was $31.97.
  • In March, I got the M521 ($5.99), M436 ($6.99), M401 ($13.99), and M412 ($5.99). The bag’s total value was $32.96.
  • In April, I got the R8 ($11.99), R10 ($14.99), and R40 ($5.99). The bag’s total value was $32.97.
  • In May, I got the G1 ($9.99), G19 ($2.99), G38 ($5.99), G40 ($5.99), and G41 ($5.99). The bag’s total value was $30.95.
  • In June, I got my regular bag and then a 2nd duplicate bag showed up about a week later. It was weird but they told me to keep it. *shrug* I got the M460 ($9.99), M518 ($5.99),  M496 ($2.99), and M444 ($12.99) in both bags. These bags’ total value was $31.96 each.
  • My final bag was the bag I used points to redeem for free. I got the October 2016 bag, a limited edition LiveGlam exclusive bag. I got LGM1 ($11.99), LGM2 ($17.99), and LGM3 ($8.99). The bag’s total value was $38.97.

Overall, I was happy with my subscription. I got a few bad eyeshadow brushes that kind of ruined the fun for me though. The ones I had an issue with were the eyeshadow brushes with white bristles. And they aren’t bad as in they don’t work. I wash all my brushes before I use them and all 3 of these ended up fraying after the wash. They looked like they were year old brushes! This seems to be a reoccurring issue with the white bristle eyeshadow brushes as I got another one from Morphe (not LiveGlam) and it did the same damn thing. That aggravates me to no end. After the 2nd bad one, I decided to stick it out long enough to redeem 1 free bag. Once I got my 6th bag, and therefore 600 points, I redeemed the points and canceled the subscription.

For anyone that is working on building their makeup brush subscription, I would highly recommend this subscription. As I said above, I got 31 makeup brushes. I paid $119.94 over 6 months. The total value of these brushes is $262.69 (about $8.47 per brush at retail value), saved $142.75 off the retail price (about $4.60 per brush). I see that as a huge value despite my misgivings about those 3 eyeshadow brushes. If you already have a decent collection of makeup brushes, I still recommend this subscription but suggest using the skip feature that LiveGlam offers to skip a bag without canceling the subscription whenever the white bristled eyeshadow brushes are included.

I will definitely be considering reupping my subscription when I start thinning out my makeup brush collection. I have a ton but quite a few of my Wet N Wild brushes are starting to shed. I highly suspect next year’s Spring Cleaning will include makeup brushes.

❤ Dee


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