Haul #26: Ulta

Welcome back to another In the Bag/Unboxed/Swatch Me. I am definitely going to start combining these posts from now on. I split them in the past because I wanted to be considerate of those reading this on mobile devices since these posts tend to be photo heavy. However, I feel like I am seriously spamming the Reader. So from this post onward, if they get too big, I’ll split them into different hauls but I’ll be showcasing, unboxing, and swatching products in single haul posts. 😀

I went to Ulta a couple days ago for a much needed brow wax. I put it off for weeks. I found out that my nail guy has left this Ulta and moved back to Florida. 😦 No wonder I haven’t seen him lately. I haven’t gotten my nails done since May but I’ve stopped by Ulta a few times to window shop and never ran into him. I assumed he had left but my brow gal (her nickname, not mine) confirmed it. Bye Dallas! I wish you luck in Florida. ❤

Anyways, after my service, I browsed the low end side of the store and found quite a few fun items. 🙂20179998_10101104094818499_1713810018_o

20180276_10101104094798539_1624083962_oFirst up in the haul is a product that was super expensive and very much a splurge: Benefit’s Browvo! Conditioning Primer. I didn’t need it but my brow gal used it after my wax to help tame some wild hairs and I loved how it felt. It was cooling, nice since I was super red from the wax. It also dried quickly, was super easy to use (click dispenser, bendable tip), and held my hairs in place without the need for other products. I 20182153_10101104094748639_1718491780_ocringed at the price, $28.00 ($280.00/oz), and the fact that Benefit is not cruelty free. My recent goal has been to switch to cruelty free everything so shelling out $28 was not conducive to my goal. I was a little concerned once I got it home and opened it. I expected to see product after the first 4 or 5 clicks. Nope, it took about 30 clicks and some shaking before I got product to come out. My best guess is that keeps the gel from leaking out if it were too close to the top. I’m going to try it twice a day to see how long it lasts. My guess is less than a month. lol

20148926_10101104094718699_77920298_oI picked up my first products from L. A. Girl. The brand had a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale so I got a Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick for $3.99 and a Gel Glide Eyeliner for $1.99. The lipstick is in the shade VaVoom! and it is a pretty dark berry shade. At $3.99, this runs $39.90/oz. It is a click twist lipstick that is always pleasing to me for whatever reason. It applies nicely but based on how the swatch dried, it looks like it is going to fade off patchy. The swatch wasn’t completely matte after 15 minutes so it probably will not stand up to coffee. The Gel Glide eyeliner normally retails for $3.99 ($99.75/oz) and I got the shade whiten. The 20138181_10101104094539059_585875626_oswatch was great. However, I applied it on my waterline and it isn’t as great. I have a huge issue with white eyeliners not wanting to apply to my waterline. I have chronically watery eyes from allergies so it is hard to combat. This one shows up better than the others but it also made my eyes water more than most despite not having any smell. We’ll see how this works out in the next few weeks.

I found quite a few gems from Essence, many on clearance. They must have pulled quite a few Essence products from the Ulta line up because I can’t find a few of them on the website anymore. First up, I picked up 2 more of the Waterproof Gel eyeliners. I got the shade blue lagoon a couple months back from the website. These other 2, in urban jungle and around midnight, were marked down to $1.49 each. That is down from retail of $2.99 ($149.50/oz). Like blue lagoon, these go on smoothly and don’t smell. Here’s hoping these are as long lasting on blue lagoon. I can’t find them on the website anymore.

I also found a mascara for $2.29 and a color corrector for $1.49. The Forbidden Volume mascara smells really strong, something that seems to be common with the Essence brand. It is no longer on Ulta’s website so I don’t know the retail price. It is less than $5, I’m sure. The black is nice and dark and the smell doesn’t bother my eyes so I hope I have as much luck with this mascara as I have the other 2 Essence mascaras I’ve tried in the past. The color corrector, Say No To Redness, seems to have been replaced by a newer, more expensive line. I’m pretty sure this one was $2.99 retail while the new color correcting sticks retail for $4.49. They kept the “say no to redness” name so it is probably the same product in a new container. It is a pastel green so I am not sure how well it will cover my deep redness but for $1.49 I’ll give it a solid try anyways.

The last 2 Essence eyeliners I picked up were the only 2 not on clearance. They weren’t even on sale. lol I couldn’t pass up cheap felt tip eyeliners though so I picked up the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and the Superfine Eyeliner Pen for $2.99 each. The regular tip eyeliner is $99.67/oz while the superfine tip eyeliner is $87.94/oz. Despite different tips and formulas, they seem about the same. The black is super dark on both of these, with the regular tip being the darker black of the two. They both have a slight chemical smell. And neither one seems completely transfer proof. I left the swatches on my hand and 30 minutes after application, I can rub my finger over each and they trail a slight smudge. I don’t know how well they are going to hold up to my oily eyelids.

Last up, swatches!!! This never gets old. 😀


Do you see how light that color corrector is?? I’m seriously skeptical that it is going to do anything for my redness. lol

Have you found a white eyeliner pencil that actually shows up on the water line?

❤ Dee


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