Ipsy July 2017

Hey everyone, Ipsy is hereeeee! ❤

Normally, I include this, along with my Morphe sub, as part of my haul series with the In The Bag, Unboxed, and Swatch Me segments. However, with the drop of my Morphe sub and the almost zero chance that my new Macy’s subscription will show up around the same times as Ipsy, I’ve decided to stop including my subs as part of my haul posts. Instead, they will just their own posts from now on. 😀

19867025_10101099890054879_978016089_oI was super unhappy when I saw this month’s Ipsy bag. It is an egg. o.0 I’m not hating on eggs but I don’t particular care for them anyways. I thought the design was super ugly and worse, it looked like the bag was that cheap 80’s jelly plastic crap. I showed the design to the kids and they agreed that it is super ugly. However, the bag redeemed itself when it arrived by at least not being plastic. It is a soft cottony like fabric, it just shows up really shiny in pictures. Okay I can live with that even if I think this Gudetama egg thing is ugggg.

Product wise, Ipsy is yet again 4/5 for me. 😀


I picked up the Beau Gachis Illuminator brush. It is super soft but densely packed so it looks like it is going to be yet another awesome tool from Ipsy. This brush retails for $9.95.


20050283_10101099890479029_113912023_oI got my first eyeliner from Ipsy, complements of Ciate London. This is the Wonderland Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in black. The pencil is softer than a regular wax pencil so you don’t have to press hard to get pigment. The other end of the pencil is an angle brush so you can smudge the eyeliner. That isn’t difficult to do since this eyeliner tends to go on with a slight smudge anyways unless you use the tip. This eyeliner is 1/2 the retail size so that is a decent sample! This retails for $18.00 for a full size and the brand has 10 different shades available.

20048866_10101099890464059_1549610163_oAnother highlighter, another happy me. I swear for19212960_10101099890469049_660292395_o someone that is trying to get beyond the highlighter trend, I have more than is healthy. Ipsy sent Nomad Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun. This champagne shade is great for my skin tone and it really packs some shine without being too glittery. Urban Decay’s 8-Hour Highlighter in sin might have some competition. Unfortunately, I cannot accurately price this item since it is only available as part of a full face palette from Nomad which retails for $47 for 9 products (1 lip balm, 1 highlighter, 1 blush, 1 powder brush, 4 eyeshadows, and 1 dual-ended brush). It comes out to a little over $5 per item in the set if they are weighted equally. *shrug* I’ll be sad when this hits pan but I definitely will not be spending $47 on a full face palette consisting of a blush that is too pink, 4 cool tone eyeshadows which I don’t personally use, a couple of brushes that may or may not be alright, and a lip gloss thingy that I will probably never use just to get the highlighter. If anyone got this highlighter in their bag and doesn’t want it, hit me up. 😀

20067544_10101099890344299_1123655063_nI got a facial cleanser from Tarte this month. This is a very small sample size of the Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel. I like gel cleansers with my Ulta spin brush so I’m happy to give this a try. I don’t see myself spending $25 on a cleanser any time soon but I’ll give the sample a shot regardless. It smells like soap, as expected since it is a cleanser. lol

The last item Ipsy sent this month is the one 20048929_10101099890354279_1030166076_oI’m not planning to use: Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance MAT Mattifying Toner. I’ve talked about toners before. My biggest rule is that it can’t have alcohol in the first 5 ingredients. This one has alcohol in the first 3 ingredients. This retails for what looks to be $22 but I can’t find the website for it. The Ipsy link sends me to a different retailer and Eau Thermale Avene isn’t even listed in their filters. I put this in my box of shame and will pass it on to someone else eventually.

Check out the swatches of the highlighter, the smudged eyeliner (from the attached brush), and the sharp line of the liner:


Super pretty stuff here. I’m very happy to add these products to my collection and try them out!

❤ Dee


4 thoughts on “Ipsy July 2017

    • I seriously love it. I found a mix of 2 shades from my Morphe 35E that is almost the same so I don’t feel bad about refusing to spend $47 on that Nomad face palette though. lol


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