Not Makeup Amazon Prime Day Haul

I decided to check out Amazon on Tuesday and discovered it was Amazon Prime Day. Score! I signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime and got busy picking out stuff I’ve been eyeing. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up buying any of Amazon’s amazing sale items. But I got free 2 days shipping regardless. 😀 Everything showed up yesterday, directly in the middle of a huge thunderstorm. My boxes were damp but thankfully nothing was damaged.

I picked up a few books I’ve been checking out.

The Wayfinders is a nonfiction book about various ancient civilizations focusing on diversity and the human experience. Written by an anthropologist, The Wayfinders looks to be a very interesting read. It has 4.5 stars on Amazon. I got the paperback version for $10.52.

The Great Kettlebell Handbook and The Great Dumbbell Handbook are short reads but chock full of pictures detailing exercises specific to the described equipment. I’ve been looking at a way of branching out away from just using machines so this might be the ticket. Each of these has 4 star on Amazon. I got the kettlebell book for $9.93 and the dumbbell book for $9.95, both in paperback.

Bodyweight Exercises for Women looked like an ideal candidate for me too so I picked it up for $9.99 in paperback. It has a 5 star rating on Amazon. To be fair, it has only been rated by 4 people though. lol For a book that came out in 2014, it really should have more reviews. I’ll be sure to add my thoughts in a few months.

The last paperback book I picked up was an odd pick on the surface. Men’s Health Your Body Is Your Barbell seems like it was written for men. And it probably was. But it was rated at 4.5 stars on Amazon with over 100 reviews and quite a few of those reviewers are women. The book summary says “his or her” so I picked it up. At $14.49, I hope it isn’t a book I end up giving away due to be skewed toward men’s fitness.

I picked up 2 more gym items for myself. The first is an i2 Gear Phone Case for runners. It is hard to judge these things when looking at a picture online. In hand, it feels sturdy and the stitching is perfect. At $7.99, I really expected to have loose or missing stitches. It has 4.5 stars so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts a few months. Hopefully it fits my phone, the touchscreen works, and I can get my headphones through the holes.

The other item I got was a pink pair of Trideer Women’s Lifting Gloves. These were $11.99 and have 4.5 stars on Amazon. I see the price has went up since I bought them 2 days ago. I’m getting callouses from using the machines at the gym and I’d prefer that not be a thing. In addition to adding other workouts to my gym time, I decided to get the gloves. The sizing chart was spot on – these things fit perfectly! These included an insert from Trideer asking me to participate in a trial program where they send current and pre-release products in exchange for unbiased and honest reviews. I definitely signed up for that!

The last items I picked up are not for me. 😀 The kids’ birthdays are coming up and since our camping weekend was canceled, I have to find some last minute gifts for them.

I got both of them a set of the Bestidy Professional Oval Brushes. These are all the rage apparently (meh) and the girls are dying to get their hands on the “fancy” brushes. Sure, whatever. The set comes with a sturdy box/holder with a magnetic closure, 10 flexible oval brushes of various use, a brush cleaning pad, and a small insert explaining how to use each brush. These are currently out of stock on Amazon but I got them for $19.99 each. They have 4.5 stars so I hope the girls like them. I ran my fingers over a few of them. They seem sturdy and densely packed. We shall see.

I also got both of them a 15 piece variety pack of Etude House sheet masks. These were $13.35 for each set. I am definitely okay with less than $1 per sheet mask. Considering the cheap ones at Ulta are $5 and the girls pretty much waste them, I’ll take it. And I’ll probably let the girls think I spent over $70 on masks for each of them because I can. 😉 These have a 4.5 star rating. Even if they don’t work, the girls will like them anyways.

The last item is a gym item again. This one is for Kid #1. It is pretty much a thinner version of a pool noodle. I probably could have made this thing with a little effort. She likes lifting weights at the gym but the squat rack hurts her neck. When I remind her, she’ll take a towel with her to wrap around the bar. But I usually don’t remember until we’re half way to the gym. The Gymforward Barbell Pad wraps around the bar and should protect her neck better without slipping around like the towel tends to do. It was $16.45 so even if it doesn’t work, I’m not going to be too mad. It has a 5 star rating on Amazon… but only 1 review. lol We’ll see. I love the saying on the pad. “Shut up and squat!” is such a thing Kid #1 would say. I think she’ll like it.

So now I have to find another item for Kid #2 to make the gifts fair. Plus I gotta get the normal toiletries we get them for birthday/back to school, Christmas, and Easter. Deodorant, toothbrushes, hair ties, dry shampoo, etc. Kid #1’s birthday is on the 31st. Kid #2’s birthday is on the following 11th. I’m almost ready for it now. 😀

Did you get anything fun on Amazon Prime Day? Now that I have an Amazon Prime membership (I’ll probably cancel it though), is there a show that is absolutely must watch? I’m nearly finished with Season 12 of Criminal Minds so it would be cool to find a new show soon.

❤ Dee


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