Revamped Score Card

Since I am twiddling my thumbs trying to work my way through 23 new products to review in the coming weeks, I decided to give my Score Card an update. After reviewing 177 products, I have discovered that my system needs some tweaks and now is the perfect time to do it.

When I started this, I set up a spreadsheet. I am the spreadsheet queen after all. Each product got its own page and link on the main page to its page. That page was set up as a form where everything was rated on a score of 0-25, with a detailed list of the information I reference in my reviews (shade range, price per ounce, a description from the retailer, etc.). I set it up so I could go down the list and weigh each thing that was important to me as I was learning about makeup.

This ended up becoming a chore when I have large hauls. Like now. Each page needed to be set up, the description looked up, the hyperlinks connected, the product size found (sometimes impossible). When I made the purchase, I was able to complete some score sections. When I unboxed the product, I was able to complete some more sections. And then after a few weeks, I had to come back and finish scoring the product.

I scored: sales, points, smell, texture, applicator, application, wear time, transfer/fall out, wear vs. description, shade range, flash photography, no-flash photography, natural sunlight, complements, chemicals, and cruelty-free. Each of these had a point range of 1-3 points, adding up to a maximum of 25 points.

All of these things are great for my later reviews. But it is sooooo much work. And that Excel spreadsheet is starting to get pretty dang big considering I don’t have any pictures in it. And then I realized there are quite a few things in my list that I don’t really care about anymore. I probably should, but I don’t. All that photography stuff and lighting stuff? Yeah, no. Complements? Eh, not as important to me anymore. And some days I try my makeup when no one but my family sees me and they don’t notice my makeup anymore unless it is really different. Plus I rated some items for an applicator as a gimme point when they had none and rated others as a 0. Ultimately, the current Score Card is unbalanced.

I have updated my Score Card. It is all on one sheet now and a lot easier to see the information. I don’t have to set up any new worksheets for each product. I am working through re-scoring all 199 items on the list (including the 22 new ones). I have narrowed my score down to my top 10 list (points in parenthesis):

  1. Sale. From the place I made the purchase. Yes (10) No (0).
  2. Points. From the place I made the purchase. Yes (10) No (0).
  3. Smell. No smell (10); Faint smell or fades (5); Strong smell or lingers (0).
  4. Texture. Smooth texture or as described (10) or Flaky, chalky texture or not as described (0).
  5. Application. Applies easily or as intended (10) or Difficult to apply or not as intended (0).
  6. Wear time. For most products: More than 8 hours (10); 4-8 hours (5); less than 4 hours (0). For cream lipsticks and glosses: More than 3 hours (10); 2-3 hours (5); less than 2 hours (0).
  7. Transfer. Rated harder on products that claim not to transfer. Yes (0); Minimal (5); No (10).
  8. Shade range. For foundations/concealers/bb creams: Fits a wide range of skin tones, 13 more more shades (10); fits me or several other skin tones, 7-12 shades (5); only has a few shades, 6 or less shades (0). For eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, etc.: has at least 4 shades for various skin tones including undertones (10); has 2-3 shades for various skin tones (5), has 1 or 2 shades only (0). For mascaras, eyeliners, and eyebrow products, this is a gimme category still. I tried.
  9. Chemicals. If it is made without harmful chemicals like parabens (10) or if made with harmful chemicals (0).
  10. Cruelty-free. Yes (10) or No (0).

10 items to rate instead of 16. Every score is now out of 100 points so it will make more sense to new readers. More balanced for all makeup products. Unfortunately, I still cannot use this Score Card to start rating skin care products because of #6-8. 😦

One last note on my new Score Card, I have decided to give my Ipsy products their due and rate them for points since I do get Ipsy points for reviewing the items afterwards. And begrudgingly, I will count them as sale items too provided there is an Ipsy code for them. Most have Ipsy codes I think. This change comes as a result of adding my 2nd subscription box from Macy’s in the coming months.

I will make a post soon giving my new score for the products I’ve already rated. It will just be one long list. I don’t know if it will be in order by score or if I’ll order it by product or what. But I will share it just to make sense of things. And I will launch the new review scores with my product reviews which should start in the next week. 😀

❤ Dee


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