Gym Intimidation Denied

Today was the weirdest day I’ve had in the gym yet. I didn’t work out as much as I would have liked because one of the trainers was showing me how to use the other side of the gym, the one I have admitted in the past that intimidates me. He walked me through about 20 exercises on that side of the gym and I even did 4 pull ups and 4 dips on the assisted pull up bar! Granted, the resistance was at 18 (20 is max) so it was pretty much doing all the work for me. However, I did it. Yay! A beefed up Muscle Guy took a break from his workout to give me more pointers on using the assisted machine as a shorter person. The trainer is not short. Muscle Guy is probably only 3 inches taller than me. I thanked the trainer and Muscle Guy for their help. I’m polite like that.

This post is not about that side of the gym though.

I think Muscle Guy is one of the 2 local police officers that go to this gym. He looks like he is. High and tight hair cut. Shoulders half the width of his height. Posture and swagger of someone that is used to people doing what he damn well says to do. Probably former military. Most of our local officers are. He was super friendly and has been the couple of times I’ve seen him in the gym. We’ll come back to him.

I went back over to the familiar side and got on the elliptical. I hadn’t even gotten out of my warm up yet and the trash talking started. A couple of boys, maybe 15 or 16, decided to talk shit about my weight and how I shouldn’t be allowed to wear workout pants until I stopped being a whale. Literally. The other one said something about my ass but I didn’t quite catch all of it over the crashing drop of a barbell on the other side of the room. These boys were your run of the mill, normal teenager with good metabolism skinny guys. They weren’t muscle heads. They didn’t even really look like jocks. They were just your typical teenage assholes.


Yes I am standing on the piano bench. #shortgirlproblems

Someone with more body issues than me would have been pretty upset by those boys’ words. I think I’ve mentioned before that the only time I’m self-conscious about my size is when I’m trying on clothes in a store. Yeah. The last place I’d be self-conscious is the gym where I am actively working toward becoming fit. Add to that, I am used to how cruel teenagers can be to everyone else around them. I have 2 teenage girls after all. These boys didn’t phase me. Okay, I was a bit miffed that they were disparaging my clothes. I mean, I look hella cute, sweaty hair and all. 😀 I was content to ignore them and keep on keeping on.

My shirt says “Working out is cheaper than therapy” btw. lol

The by-definition-a-muscle-head Muscle Guy over in the intimidating side of the gym wasn’t having it. He had just taken his head phones out when those boys decided to run their mouths. He dropped his impressively weighted barbell (the crash I heard) and marched over to them. “What the hell was that?” he asked in the most menacing tone I’ve heard anyone use in that gym. The boys looked at him utterly confused. “You boys think its okay talk about people in the gym like that?” Scary muscle bulging, edging into their personal spaces. “You two are either going to shut the hell up or get the hell out.” He didn’t even have to point to the door because the boys were already running. By then, the trainer from earlier was headed in that direction, I assume to make sure no one needed medical attention. Or clean underwear.

Muscle Guy looked at the 3rd boy working out on the abdominal machine a few feet away from where the other boys had been standing. This boy is not your typical teenage boy. He is overweight, has unfortunately bad skin, and really needs to learn how to tie his shoes. Seriously, I almost tied them for him twice today. I’m such a mom. This boy is also apparently funny as hell. When the scary Muscle Guy looked his way, he immediately put his hands up. “Don’t look at me, I think her ass looks amazing.” I chose that moment to drink some water. It did not go well for me. lol

At this point, the trainer came around the machine and smacked the boy upside the head. Imagine my surprise when I realized the physically fit trainer and overweight boy were father and son. He gave Muscle Guy a nod and Muscle Guy popped his headphones back in and went back to his barbell. The trainer stopped by my elliptical to make sure I wasn’t upset. I told him I have 2 teenage girls, those boys hadn’t even scratched the surface of what those 2 put me through on the daily. He laughed, assured me he was super glad he only had boys that were usually more tactful, and went back to his training session on the other side of the room.

Weird freaking day. I’ve never had an issue with people being rude in this manner at this gym. I read reviews when I was looking at this gym about how some members will bully newbies off a machine they feel like they own. I haven’t seen that. I have seen the sit on the machine and gab to the other older ladies for an hour while other people are obviously waiting for that machine rudeness. I’ve ran into multiple people that don’t clean their machines after they use them. But that is really the worst I’ve seen until today. It didn’t stop me from doing a 15 minute HIIT on the elliptical and 15 minute hills on the upright bike tonight. And it won’t stop me from showing up tomorrow morning for body weight circuits either.

❤ Dee



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