Eye Moisturizers

Eye Moisturizers are a new part of my skin care routine. I’ve tried 2 so far. I liked both and feel like I got similar results from both. I’ve tried the Benefit Its Potent Eye Cream and the ELF Illuminating Eye Cream.

Both of these are very creamy, smell fine, and absorb completely without leaving an oily residue. I haven’t had a breakout around my eyes since I started using these a few months ago. I am noticing less patchiness of my eyeshadows on my eyelids. And I am at the point that my under eye isn’t soaking this stuff up like a straw.

Both of these products are relatively the same size. 0.5 oz for Benefit and 0.49 oz for ELF. I can get either of these relatively easily. I can order either of them off Ulta.com or from their respective brand websites. Or I can go to town for either. WalMart carries the ELF moisturizer while my Ulta carries the Benefit moisturizer. Sephora probably carries the Benefit one as well.

The big difference? Price. Benefit’s cream is $34.00 ($68.00/oz) and ELF’s cream is $10.00 ($20.41/oz). Big BIG difference. I am almost out of both creams so I will be repurchasing the ELF cream soon.

What is your favorite eye moisturizer?

❤ Dee


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