Plans Canceled

I rented a cabin at a state park for this weekend for the girls’ upcoming birthdays. I spent a week trying to find a place that was within our budget (the area is insanely expensive) and finally found an AirBnB rental that didn’t want to charge me $1500 for the weekend. We planned to spend 2 nights up there hiking, swimming, and horseback riding. The girls were allowed to invite 1 friend each and they were all very excited about the jacuzzi. Mom was happy that we could bring both of the dogs. I was excited to get to go somewhere new and try out some scenic outdoor photography with Nik.

The extra kids showed up last night. I’ve been fighting with the logistics of putting the XL dog crates in our small cars. The kids were putting off packing 2 changes of clothes, extra socks, pajamas, swimsuits, and towels until the last minute. Mom was stressing about having to drive the 2.5 hours there with 4 kids in her car, following behind me with the 2 dogs in my car.

And then the AirBnB host called to cancel our cabin for this weekend. Thankfully they called before we started loading up the car. Apparently the water heater blew up and flooded the cabin. 😦

The lady was really apologetic. She is issuing a full refund but it takes a few days to happen. I’m sure she is going crazy. This is an AirBnB lodging so it isn’t like she has somewhere else we could go as a replacement. So she’s out 100s in our rental. And she has the nightmare of not only replacing the water heater but also getting the water completely dried out and calling someone to certify that the water didn’t damage the flooring or foundation or electrical. She’s got 1000s in repairs coming her way and I don’t envy her.

The girls are sad. Same for the 2 friends they invited to go with them. Looks like I’m taking them to a theme park tomorrow as a replacement birthday activity. That is nice for my bank account, cheaper by 100s, but it wasn’t what we all had in mind. *shrug*

I’m disappointed. This was my first time using AirBnB. It was kind of a trial run for when I try to book places to stay during my 2018 vacation. I’m not saying that I won’t try it again but this isn’t looking good.

I guess I’ll be around for the weekend after all.

❤ Dee


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