In The Bag/Unboxed/Swatch Me #25

I am currently trying to pack both of the cars and get the kids and dogs ready to go. Mom and I are taking the girls with 1 friend each to a cabin at a state park for the weekend. Mom and I packed Thursday. The girls… not so much. I have no idea how I’m going to get the dogs’ crates into my Focus. That is a logistical nightmare that I haven’t quite attempted yet. We have several hours before we need to leave so let’s get into my long awaited Morphe purchase that arrived late Wednesday night!

I usually try to break these kinds of posts up into 3 different posts to keep posts from being too long. However, today my haul is such a small haul. 4 items to be exact. My Morphe palette and brushes arrived! Woooo!

This is my first Morphe palette so I am super excited to share it with ya’ll. 😀


A few weeks ago I picked up this 35 pan eyeshadow palette and 3 brushes for $24.00 on Hautelook. I had to wait forever for it to arrive but it is finally in my hands. Even better, none of the eyeshadows are broken. I’ve been seeing horror stories of people’s Morphe palettes showing up broken after this sale. And then it was delayed by UPS due to the 4th of July holiday. I was getting nervous. Whew. I got the 35E It’s Bling palette ($22.99), and 3 eyeshadow brushes, the M333 ($3.99), M 433 ($5.99), and M501 ($7.99).


So I was fairly unexcited about the brushes. I had the Morphe Brush Club subscription and every one of those white bristle brushes ended up splaying and looking ragged after their first wash. I actually almost didn’t even include these in this haul. However, the picture above is after they were washed and they still look good, white bristles included. Works for me!

Look at how pretty that palette is! Ahhhh! These are a nice mix of shades ranging from soft white to a really dark almost black. They don’t smell so that is awesome. The palette is sturdy. The eyeshadows do have quite a bit of chunky fall out but the pigmentation is out of this world. I can totally deal with the fall out because of the pigmentation. There are a few shades in the 4th row (from the top) that aren’t quite as pigmented and one in the bottom row. However, I can totally work with what they provide. I wish it had a mirror. That is my only concern right now.

And all the hype about the pigmentation of Morphe palettes is not overdone. Look at these swatches!

row 1

Row 1

row 2

Row 2

row 3

Row 3

row 4

Row 4

row 5

Row 5

Man these are so freaking pretty. I absolutely cannot wait to start playing in this. It makes me want to pick up a matte palette so I can do a full Morphe eyeshadow look. 😀

❤ Dee


7 thoughts on “In The Bag/Unboxed/Swatch Me #25

    • I’ve gotten quite a few brushes from the brush club. But this is my first makeup piece from them. I haven’t played with any looks yet but I am so excited for when I get the time!

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        • The brush club is like the other subscription clubs but you get only Morphe brushes. It is $19.99/month and you are guaranteed $30+ in brushes each time, usually 3-8 brushes per bag. I had it for 6 months. I just canceled because I was frustrated with the white bristle blending brushes they kept sending. The face brushes they sent are amazing but the eyeshadow brushes were hit and miss if they had white bristles. They look awful after being washed for the 1st time, like they are months old and used daily. My last month, they sent me 2 bags by mistake. I also redeemed my points for a final bag. That bag should be here in the next few weeks. If you want to check them out, go to They have a brush club, a liquid lipstick club, and a nail polish club too. 🙂

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