Teeth Whitening Treatments

Hey ya’ll. I’ve been pretty honest in this space. You know I am a smoker and that I drink a lot of coffee. As a result, my teeth are pretty awful. I get regular cleanings every 6 months, have the occasional cavity filled, and brush my teeth twice a day. Despite all of that, my teeth are just yellow tinged. As I get more comfortable with bold and dark lipsticks, this has become more and more apparent. I’ve become a little self-conscious about it too.

I went in for my regular cleaning last week and decided to ask about whitening treatments. I knew my insurance wouldn’t cover it since it is cosmetic. However, I was curious. It turns out that my dental office does not do in-house bleaching or laser whitening. The dental hygienist didn’t really say why, just that they don’t do it. But they carry a fairly powerful home whitening kit that I could buy for $50.

IMG_6971I gave it a shot. There are 7 disposable upper and lower trays in the pack. You are supposed to use them once a day for 7 days for 30-45 minutes. Then, you can’t use them again for 6 months. She warned me that these would make my teeth sensitive. I already use a sensitive type toothpaste so that was helpful. And I’ve found that while it does make my teeth throb a few hours after the treatment is over, once I brush my teeth that evening, the throbbing goes away.

Economically, these are cheaper than the Crest White Strips which are close to $40 for a 14 day supply that must be used in combination with the whitening toothpaste and must be used daily (and purchased repeatedly) for at least 30 days in a row to get the claimed results.

Check the pictures below for the progression.


This is what my teeth looked like right after my cleaning in natural sunlight (semi-shade inside the car).

Here are my teeth after the first 2 days of treatment, 6/29 and then 6/30.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some storms so the natural light idea really is spotty now. Here is the 3rd and 4th days, 7/1 and 7/2.

Here are the 5th and 6th days, 7/3 and 7/4.


And finally, here is the last after picture from 7/5.

I can’t personally see much of a difference. However, Mom says she can see it. And when I got into work this morning, a coworker that has been on vacation since before I started this treatment said it looks like I had my teeth whitened. Works for me. I feel better about my teeth. I also know that they aren’t going to stay like this since I haven’t stopped the things that made them yellow in the first place. But I’ll get a couple weeks of not feeling quite so self-conscious about my teeth and I’ll take it. 😉

❤ Dee


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