What started out as an unknown nightmare product has become my saving grace. In the beginning of this makeup journey, I saw that I needed to use a toner after cleanser and before moisturizer. Easy enough. I picked up the highly recommended Dickenson’s Witch Hazel Toner and used it day and night night religiously. Great eh?

Yeah, no. After just a couple days, I noticed that my skin was redder than usual. After a few more day, I noticed that I was having hot rosacea flairs more often. I also noticed that the blackhead infestation on my nose was gone. Silly me, I attributed the blackhead removal to the witch hazel but not the more prevalent redness. Oops.

It was another 6 months before I started really looking into why my face was always such a red mess. One of the very first things I read was that I should avoid alcohol. Er… okay. I checked all my products. Guess which product is mostly alcohol? Yeah, that would be that witch hazel toner. I kept reading the article and the next thing it said was that witch hazel is mostly alcohol and is really bad for those with dry skin or rosacea. Dangit.

I had to reevaluate my basic skin care routine. Outside of witch hazel, I had no knowledge of what to use. I went to Ulta for help. They sent me to the Dermological counter. The lady tried to sell me a $30-something spray, the Calming Spray, and I noped out of there. My boss ended up buying me a bottle as a gift later that week. It works to calm a flair and help reduce the redness, tightness, and heat. But it wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted something that would prevent most of it in the first place. And I was racking my brain and the internet to find a toner that would do all that and still clear up the blackheads on my nose. Here’s a hint… it doesn’t exist as far as I know. But I did find a few products from the Mario Badescu line that has helped prevent the flairs. The Aloe Vera Toner was my first product. It doesn’t smell amazing or anything, but I certainly noticed a difference with the toner. I eventually tried the 2 sprays, the facial spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea, and the facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater. All 3 of these products are wonderful. They keep the redness mostly at bay and aren’t killing my bank account to repurchase every other month.

So what about the blackheads?

Er… yeah I cheat. I still use that witch hazel. I don’t use nearly as much and I only use it on my nose, chin, and upper lip. I also only use it once a day now. So blackheads are a part of my life. They aren’t as bad as they used to be in the past, but they aren’t as good as they used to be in the recent past either.

What is your favorite toner?

❤ Dee


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