Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day. Revolution Day. Treason Day. The birthday of the USA. lol Whatever you call it, today has always been a day of food, fireworks, and fun for my family. I took the opportunity today to play with my makeup a bit. Here is my red, white, and blue inspired look:


Despite the fact that you can’t actually see the eyeshadow (thanks hooded eyes), I think it really looks nice. Oh wait…


I knew I had one with my eyes shut somewhere. lol

I learned that my 2 white eyeshadows (one Urban Decay and one Ulta) are completely sheer. Fun times. The white I was able to make show up was the white gel eyeliner from Ulta and that doesn’t like to apply over eyeshadow. Other than that, I think this turned out well. My lipstick lasted through appetizers and 2nd helpings with some careful blotting throughout.

None of the old ones got into arguments. The kids behaved. None of the food got burnt. It was a good day for everyone here. I hope your 4th of July, or ya know Tuesday, went well for you and yours as well.

❤ Dee


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