What’s In My Work Kit?

I have the leisure of working in an office. I spend time in the warehouse but I have my own office that I can keep whatever I want. I keep a small bottle of Jack Daniels (the boss’s idea, I swear) for those celebrate the good times or commiserate the bad times kind of days. I keep pictures of Mom and the girls because I love them and they are my motivation to work hard. And I keep a hygiene kit because I can… and sometimes, it is necessary.

My kit includes:

A change of clothes. This includes a pair of sturdy jeans, a t-shirt, spare socks, and tennis shoes. Sometimes, I wear dressy clothes to work. Usually not, but sometimes. And it never fails… the days I dress up are the days I’m needed to work in the warehouse. Heels/sandals, dresses, and dress blouses are a no go in the warehouse. So yeah, I keep a change of clothes that sit on top of my kit.

Dry shampoo. Since I cut half my hair off, I’m back to having an oily scalp every other day again. But I refuse to go back to daily showers. Dry shampoo is a regular part of my life again and will be until my scalp starts behaving. I am now using dry shampoo twice a day (morning and before bed) the 2-3 days after a shower but sometimes I’m getting oily mid-day at work still. It is nice to have an option beyond putting my hair up with a headband.

Boar bristle brush. Because of using dry shampoo at work, this has been added to my kit recently. I hate this brush but I’ve yet to find a boar bristle brush I actually like so that is no surprise. I feel like all of them are too soft to actually go through my hair… and my hair is thin! Oy.

Regular vent brush. This is my go-to brush. I love it. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was contributing to my hair breaking off though. I don’t use it often anymore.

Soft bristle toothbrush, toothbrush holder, and Sensodyne toothpaste. I don’t brush my teeth at work often. But sometimes, if I get a garlicy pizza or eat something that is strong smelling or has herbs that stick in between my teeth, this is so necessary. Since this sits for weeks at a time, I couldn’t just leave a naked brush in my kit though. Travel holder it is. I’ve been using Sensodyne morning and night for the past 7 months at the behest of my dentist. I’ve really seen a difference in the sensitivity of my teeth as a result. So I picked up a travel size of Sensodyne and put that in my kit last month.

Deodorant. This stuff is used more than anything else in my kit. If I am working in the warehouse, this stuff is absolutely crucial afterwards. I bust my butt to get whatever inspection I’m doing over and then immediately have to go freshen up. Gross.

Body spray. For the same reason as deodorant, I keep body spray in my office. It is just the polite thing to do, really. Other than the engineering manager, I’m the only other office employee that works in both the office and the warehouse. And I definitely clock more hours in the warehouse than the engineering manager. That’s why he is the manager and I’m the assistant. 😉

Face wipes. I skip makeup at work probably 3/5 days a week. I have sensitive skin that just doesn’t tolerate makeup that often. Sad, I know. lol These wipes are very handy to have on days that I’m extra oily or have been working in the warehouse. It really is a pisser on days that I spent the extra time to do a full face and then get paged to the warehouse though.

Makeup. For days that I show up without makeup because I overslept in the morning, I have some basics to at least make me feel human. I keep ELF pressed powder, an ELF powder brush, ELF felt tip eyeliner, an EOS lip balm, and a cheap .96 Wet N Wild mascara in my kit. It isn’t much but it is just enough that I don’t feel like I look bad at the office. For sensitive skin days, I’ll skip the powder but if I didn’t do eye makeup at home, I know I always have some eyeliner and mascara when I get to work.

Glasses repair kit. I work in an engineering office. Everyone has tools in their offices, even the secretary. lol I have calipers, micrometers, allen wrenches (hex keys), several screwdrivers, and a small blade kit. That’s normal. But I think I’m the only one with an eyeglasses repair kit. And man does it get a workout. I think everyone in the office wears at least reading glasses. Everyone comes to me to fix a loose or missing screw. Everyone goes to the clerk for a sewing kit and they come to me for the glasses repair kit.

Nail files. Once again, because of working in the warehouse, nail files are a critical part of my work life. I love getting manicures but here lately, I’ve chipped them thanks to working in the warehouse. I’ve actually been without a manicure since my vacation because I’ve been in the warehouse the last 6 weeks more than usual. I have to use my nail file every time. I am so not gentle on my nails.

That is everything in my work kit. I love that I don’t have to carry a makeup bag to work, just my lipstick if I wear it. Do you keep something at your work?

❤ Dee


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