Calling All Eczema Sufferers: I Need Advice

Here is a fun new skin issue in my household: eczema. Mom was diagnosed with it a couple days ago and she is not a happy camper.

2 years ago, Mom started losing her hair. For a life-long hair dresser, this has been a huge issue for her. Upon inspection, I saw the places she was showing the most noticeable thinning were red and inflamed. She went to the doctor who sent her to a dermatologist. He gave her a prescription for medicated shampoo (Nizoral) which she uses twice a week. The thinning has slowed down but it is still happening. 3 months ago, she started waking up to familiar-looking red and slightly itchy patches of skin all over her face, ranging from dime size to quarter size spots. Usually, 3 or 4 patches at a time. She finally made it back to the dermatologist at my insistence and voila, eczema. He gave her a prescription of hydrocorizone for her face and said that what she is experiencing on her scalp is probably the same thing. Don’t you love the vague-ness of her doctor? -.-

This is a vastly different skin issue than the rosacea I deal with. And it is one that I have never really researched. It took me over 2 years to figure out how to deal with my rosacea issues effectively. I’d rather Mom doesn’t go through that torture for 2 years. So I’m looking for help from this wonderful community.

I am looking into her using Apple Cider Vinegar rinses on her hair to maybe help her scalp. And maybe adding a small amount of tea tree oil to her prescription shampoo. But the recommendations for using oatmeal, baking soda, vinegar, and BLEACH anywhere near her face just seems… dangerous. Especially the bleach. I could see using it if it were on her feet. But not her face. And I’m concerned about using oatmeal and then letting that go down the drain. She isn’t really down for taking a shower in the yard so that probably won’t work.

Do you have any experience in dealing with eczema? How do you treat it at home? Are there OTC products that work?

❤ Dee


7 thoughts on “Calling All Eczema Sufferers: I Need Advice

    • I got her the Aveeno Cream. Plus some african black soap and an aloe spray from Mario Badescu for the redness. So far she seems to like it. I’ll tell her about the coconut oil. We keep a jar of it for Kid #1’s hair.


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