The Lottery Tag

The Lottery Tag was created by Natalie. I saw this posted on Cheila’s blog a few days ago and absolutely loved the idea. I wasn’t nominated but I’m doing it anyways. I’m a rebel like that. lol

Natalie came up with the following tag:

A quick synopsis of The Lottery Tag: Imagine you won the lottery. There is no set sum of money – it could be $100 or $100 million dollars – let your imagination run with it. All up for interpretation. Tell us what you would do with that money, and then tag a couple of your blogging friends to do the same. Or don’t. No need to mention me for creating it; you can if you want, but I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t.

I love this idea. You should check out Natalie’s blog. Also, check out Chelia’s blog too!

This tag is divided into 3 categories:

  • Small Stuff
  • Big Stuff
  • Really Big Stuff

If I won the lottery, I would do the following:

For the small stuff, I would probably go a bit crazy.

  • I would buy my show dog and get him trained really well and set him up with great handlers and veterinarians, and so on. I’d buy equipment for showing including outdoor canopies, leads, x-pens, cool coats, themed chairs, coolers, etc. Then I’d probably buy more after I got my first boy trained up really well.
  • I would take Kid #1 and Kid #2 to the store of their choice and let them go crazy on a shopping spree. I’d let them choose the store and then give them 1 hour to get whatever they wanted to the cash register. They would not get any kind of advanced notice so they would have to make the choice on the fly because that would entertain me. Kid #1 would certainly want to go to a department store so she could get clothes and makeup. Kid #2 would be conflicted between going to an electronics store or a department store.
  • I would take a photography class to learn how to really use Nik, my Nikon D3400 and a makeup class so I would always have awesome makeup looks in my bag.
  • I would buy myself a new wardrobe and get Mom a new one too. It wouldn’t be designer clothes but I wouldn’t say no to Macy’s. I would make Mom get a real bra fitting done. I would have everything tailored afterwards so that it fits perfectly. I would get some dressy stuff for work but mostly it would be the same stuff we wear on normal days: jeans, nice shirts, and gym clothes. I would spend extra for both of us to have a real shoe fitting done at an athletic specialty shoe store where they use a computer and high tech gadgets to measure your stride and tread and fit you for a shoe that is customized for your foot.
  • I’d hire a personal trainer for me and Mom that specializes in physical fitness for mental health so that he/she doesn’t scare Mom to death. I’d pay extra if that trainer was also a certified nutritionist to help us with healthy meals.
  • I would bribe the kids with weekly allowance for good behavior and good grades. They don’t get allowance now because they fight constantly, won’t do their chores, and slack off in school. This would probably be the best thing ever for my sanity. lol

For the big stuff, I would have to think a bit harder than impulse purchases.

  • I’d clean out my local Ulta and Sephora of all of their inventory, go to IKEA for all the awesome vanity/drawer set ups, hit up The Container Store for everything else, and set up my dream vanity room (I’ll come back to this). Then I’d set up giveaways with all my duplicate items and share the hauls with everyone else. ❤
  • I’d replace my beat up Ford Focus for a mid-size SUV. I would love to have an older style RAV4 or CR-V.
  • I’d replace Mom’s Chevy Sonic that she hates for a mid-size SUV. Mom misses her Tahoe.
  • I’d pay off all of Mom’s debt. She doesn’t have much left but I’d make that crap go away in an instant.
  • I’d pay off my student loan debt. This would probably be the very first thing I’d do actually.
  • I’d pay off Dad’s and my brother’s mortgages and car loans. I would do the same for all of my step-siblings (3 step-sisters and 1 step-brother). For those that are in apartments or have awful cars, I would remedy that with a nice starter family home or new mid-size vehicle.
  • I would take Mom to a jewelry store and tell her to go crazy to replace the jewelry that was stolen a few years ago. Or well, I guess it was irreplaceable due to sentimental value but I’d made a damn good try at it.
  • I would hire a house keeper so Mom and I would never have to clean the house again. I would pay extra for someone that would just live at the house so that Mom would have company when I was away. Also, I’d pay extra for someone that would do windows and seasonal deep cleaning.
  • I would pay for a lawn service to come weekly to mow and take care of the landscaping so I never had to do that crap ever again.
  • I would make a large donation to my local Great Dane club and really get it going so that we could get more and more enthusiasts that love these dogs to come out, be active, and get informed.
  • I would increase my annual donations by a whole damn lot to my favorite charities to help them out. This would include the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, and The Office of Letters and Light. In addition, I would love to find a reputable rescue organization to support that actually uses the donated money for the animals.

For the really big stuff, oh man… the ideas I have.

  • I would buy a decently big house, maybe 5 or 6 bedrooms with at least 3 bathrooms, with a yard that doesn’t flood. It would have a pool, a huge vanity room, a screened in porch, a kennel room for my dogs with a shower just for dog baths, and a garage big enough for all of our vehicles. Every bedroom would have a walk-in closet. My vanity room would have a finger print scanner so literally no one could get into it but me and have a private bathroom with tons of space for all of my makeup and skin care and hair care products. I’d let the house keeper in to clean under supervision. I would have the house set up with high-tech security, privacy fencing, a greenhouse, and plenty of land for whatever animals Mom and the kids wanted to adopt (goats, chickens -yuck-, horses, and pigs would be high on their list). I would hire a designer to help with decorating. I would have both an indoor and outdoor exercise area for humans and dogs alike. I would have some wooded area, a few acres, with a huge clearing of cultivated wildflowers in the middle. That way honey bees would have a safe place. I’m not crazy for bees but I do like what they do for us humans so I’d have a bee keeper set up hives and maintain them regularly.
  • I would buy an RV to take to dog shows. I would outfit it with everything I or the dog could possibly need. I would take lessons to learn how to drive it or hire a driver.
  • I would take Mom and the girls on a fancy vacation where we stay in 5 star hotels with huge tubs and order room service and get spa treatments. We’d go shopping for makeup in New York City, hit up boutiques in Paris, see the sights in Australia and London, and finish our vacation with a week in a beach house on a tropical island.
  • I would buy a makeup company and develop it in a way that would provide high-end ingredients for drug store prices by limiting superfluous packaging, fillers, and name recognition based price surges. It would use ethically sourced, chemically safe ingredients and would be 100% cruelty free. I don’t know about vegan but it would be considered. I would pay customer service reps really well to make them care about the customers, in-store and online. Shipping would always be free for online reward members, even international shipping.
  • I would help out the other people in my life with their bills if I could do so anonymously. Maybe through a trust lawyer or a creative accountant.
  • I would set up trust funds of equal amounts for Kid #1, Kid #2, both of my nephews, and my niece and any that come after winning all that moolah. The requirements would be that they:
    • finish high school,
    • successfully complete a trade school and a 2 year degree at a community college afterwards or successfully complete a 4 year degree at a university,
    • work full time or the hourly equivalent of two part time jobs for 7 years (18-25 years) in a customer service or manual labor field,
    • maintain a clean criminal record, and
    • complete 100 hours of community service per year for a charity of their choice (with my approval of course).
      • I would pay for their trade school and college tuition from their trust fund. Upon turning 25, provided all the requirements had been met, they would get the rest of their trust fund. I would overlook the criminal record depending on the charge (minor driving offenses, practicing 1st amendment rights, etc.) so long as they met all of the court requirements after the fact but they would not be allowed to access the trust fund until they were off probation. If the requirements were not met by age 25, they would have 5 more years (with the addition of 100 more hours for each year it took) to finish the requirements or they would lose the trust fund. I would donate whatever they didn’t earn to a charity of my choice instead.

This tag is so much fun. If I sat and really thought about it, I could double and triple this list. So much fun!

This isn’t part of the tag but here is what I wouldn’t do with the money:

  • Tell anyone the actual amount that I won if I could help it.
  • Invest in any family or friend businesses (that never works out folks).
  • Buy yachts or private islands or jets or million dollar horses etc.
  • Let the kids spend money on whatever they want (they’d get the 1 shopping spree each and the vacation, after that, it would be back to life as usual until they earned their trust fund). Their needs would be met and quite a few wants but we would not be a jet setting, famous for being rich kind of family for any amount of money.
  • Quit my job. I might buy the company but I wouldn’t quit. I like my job. 😀

Alright so I am supposed to nominate others to do this tag but since I hijacked it from Cheila, I’m gonna skip that part. If you want to do this tag, I encourage you to do it! This is where you’d nominate people, btw. 😛

❤ Dee


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