Unboxed #24

I couldn’t wait for my ELF order to arrive so I opened my MAC lipstick when I got home Sunday night. They sent a massive box, big enough for a laptop, for this single lipstick. So much waste. Anyways, here is my lovely lippie.


This product retails I think for $20.00 ($400.00/oz) regularly but I got it for $10.97. I love the color. It goes on smooth without patchiness. And it doesn’t smell. However, as I’ve had this for a couple days, I have to say that it doesn’t wear well. The color on the inside of the lips fades quickly and because it is so dark, it is quite noticeable. I’m going to try wearing a lip primer with it tomorrow and see if it wears better.

I have so many ELF products to unbox. First up, the 2 paper products.

I picked up 24 makeup remover pads and 50 shine eraser blotting sheets in the sale. The makeup remover pads were .80 and the oil blotting sheets for .40. Can’t beat that!

I picked up 3 sets of eyelashes (1 of them is for Kid #2). I’ve been messing with them and I’m sad to report that the eyelash glue is dried up in the first set I opened. That was disappointing. I’ll have to pick up some glue at Ulta the next time I stop by or place an order before I can finally give these eyelashes a try. I paid $4.00 per set for these eyelashes. Of course, ELF marked the eyelash sets down to $1.28 the next day after I placed my order. lol

I got a lip balm for $1.20. This has spf 15 which I always appreciate. It is a lot more pigmented than I expected and it smells like chemicals. Hopefully, it feels okay on to balance out the smell. It better be sheer. lol This lip balm is normally $3.00 ($428.57/oz), pricey for a lip balm. Yikes!

With the addition of coral and the replacement of mulberry maven, my Matte Lip Color collection is finally complete. I have all the current shades. Wooo! These are $3.00 ($600.00/oz) and I am so happy to have finally added coral to my set. I still haven’t found my original mulberry maven so I have it now. 😀

Against my better judgement, I picked up the lengthening and defining mascara in black for .40. I figured if it sucked, I only wasted .40. Upon first impressions, I think I might have wasted that .40 for real. This mascara is clumpy, thick, goopy, and smelly. I don’t think you can really expect much from a mascara that normally retails for $1.00 ($20.00/oz).

I picked up the shimmering eyeliner pencil in in twinkle teal for .40. It has a sharpener in the lid and doesn’t smell like anything other than wood. That is refreshing. It is a hard wax pencil though so it takes some work to get the color to show up. I have a feeling this is not going to go well on my eyes. These normally retail for $1.00 ($25.00/oz).

I picked up the waterproof eyeliner pen in midnight for .80. This felt tip pen normally retails for $2.00 ($40.00/oz). I’ve used this product before but I’ve never hauled/reviewed it. I keep it in black in my work kit for touch ups. It works decently until my eyes start getting oily mid-day. If I have eyeshadow primer and eyeshadow on under this, it lasts all day despite the oily skin. It doesn’t really have a smell and it dries in a few seconds. It is a decent eyeliner for the cost.

I picked up the all over color stick in pink lemonade for .40. This is supposed to be a highlighting stick but it is way too pigmented for that. I think, if I can use it at all, that this will need to be a blush. These are normally $1.00 ($7.14/oz). Kid #1 may end up getting this as it is very pigmented. It legitimately smells like lemonade.

I picked up 4 of the all over cover sticks. These are in the shades ivory, light beige, apricot beige, and honey. I paid $1.00 for 3 of these sticks and .40 for the 4th. These normally retail for $1.00 ($7.14/oz) so I only got 1 of them on sale. But I couldn’t figure out the color I wanted so I ended up getting all 4. 2 of them ended up being a good color for me so I kept ivory and light beige. I gave apricot beige to Kid #2 because it was more yellow than I can pull off and I gave honey to Mom because it was too dark but also more yellow so I couldn’t use it for contour. Ivory will work as an under eye brightener and light beige will work for regular concealing.

I really wanted this BB Cream to be awesome but I was seriously disappointed by the shades and the size. I paid $3.00 ($3.53/oz) for each of these. The shade that was on sale was one step up from the darkest shade. These are in the shade ivory, porcelain, and nude. Ivory was too yellow for me so Kid #2 got it. Nude was too dark so Mom got it. I kept porcelain. Despite the spf, it doesn’t smell. It is quite thick though.

I picked up the moisturizing foundation sticks for $2.40. These are normally $6.00 ($12.24/oz). I picked up the shades ivory, nude, and natural. These small very strongly of chemicals. However, they apply smoothly without being as soft as I expected so I’m very happy about that. I ended up keeping natural from this set. I gave ivory to Kid #2 and nude to Mom.

And that’s all folks. I got a ton of stuff. I didn’t end up keeping all of it but Mom and Kid #2 were happy to pick up my unwanted extras. I’m debating on if that mascara is even worth trying, same for the cheek tint. The mascara may get tossed in my currently empty box of shame and that cheek tint may end up going to Kid #1. I don’t know yet.

Swatches are coming next. There was a hitch with the swatches but I think we’ll all survive. 😀

❤ Dee


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