Swatch Me #24

Okay I had a small problem with my swatch pictures. Apprently one of them didn’t save. 😦 And I didn’t know until after I’d already handed the spares off to Mom and Kid #2.

Onward anyways.

First up is the MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil in velvet teen. The first picture is one swipe of color. The 2nd picture is after building the color up. Other than it not wanting to apply on my inner lip, I really like this shade and formula.


Here we have, left to right, the ELF cheek highlighter in pink lemonade, the lip balm, matte lip color in coral, matte lip color in mulberry maven, shimmering eye pencil in twinkle teal, and the felt tip eyeliner in midnight.


This is swatches of the BB creams. From left to right, we have nude, porcelain, and ivory. I ended up keeping porcelain.

Ya’ll I’m irritated that I didn’t get the picture of the 3 foundation sticks. I got ivory, nude, and natural. I kept natural. Sorry for messing up the swatch picture. I have no idea how the picture disappeared.


This set of swatches was disappointing. The concealers are a bit chunky, as you can see. From left to right, these are honey, light beige, apricot beige, and ivory. I kept light beige and ivory. Kid #2 took apricot beige and Mom took honey.

Well that is the last of my swatches for today. I still have a Morphe palette coming to me so I’ll have that posted whenever it arrives. 😀

❤ Dee


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