In The Bag #24

Ya’ll, my ELF order arrived a day early. I guess it makes up for my MAC lipstick from Hautelook showing up a day late. 😀

I got the MAC Velveteen Lip Pencil from Hautelook for $10.97. I think the normal retail price is $20.00 ($400.00/oz) but don’t quote me on that. This lip pencil is in the shade velvet teen, a dark burgundy red.


And then my ELF order…

22 items in there folks. I’m so super stoked. This order includes 3 sets of false eyelashes (ahhhh!), blotting sheets, makeup removing wipes, 3 shades of the BB cream, 3 shades of the stick foundation, 4 shades of the cover stick, a lip balm, 2 of the matte lip colors, 1 cheek stain stick, 1 pencil eyeliner, 1 mascara, and 1 felt tip eyeliner.

There is so much stuff in here that I don’t really know where to start.

❤ Dee


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