Home From The Dog Show in the Cornfield

I am finally home. What a crazy weekend!

This show is a large show for the area with US and Canadian participants. It is a great place to meet other enthusiasts, breeders, handlers, and puppies! Last year, there were over 100 dogs registered for shows over 4 days. This year, participation was down to about 70 dogs due to fears about dog flu. However, there were still a lot of people and dogs in attendance. It runs from Thursday-Sunday.

What makes this particular show unique is that it is at a campground so there is a bit more room and freedom. The campground is out in the middle of nowhere, literally Amish country with miles upon miles of corn and soy fields. Normally, the club hosts an after party that involves food, party games, and copious amounts of liquor that everyone helps with. With the amount of drinking, the party is pretty much not kid friendly but the kids are welcome so long as the adults know the kids are going to be exposed to a lot of swearing, sexual innuendo, and drunk people. This year’s liquor was moonshine apparently.

I did not drink since I wasn’t staying at the campground and had to drive to my hotel 20 minutes away at the end. The games include a highly competitive cornhole tournament, musical chairs of death, and a variety of other events (different each year) that makeup up the cornolympics. It is craaaaaazy. People are drunk. Tempers are jumping. Chairs are broken. At least a few people are bleeding. As a sober spectator, it is hysterical.

The dogs are always a highlight for me of course. But the games are super fun. In the interest of privacy, I did not take any pictures of the debauchery. Here are a few other pictures though…

My hotel was… um… rough.

The dogs were fantastic.

I won a few raffles.


The awards for the games. 😀

I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait until the show next year.

❤ Dee


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