Unboxed #23

My first MAC purchase (from Hautelook) was supposed to be in this haul but it got delayed in shipping due to some storms. My other purchase from Hautelook will not be here for a couple more weeks so I’ll haul that when it arrives. I was really hoping to have this MAC product included to give this haul a total of 10 items. Didn’t work out that way. I’ll have to include it in my coming ELF haul which is already massive with 22 items. *shrug*

On to Ulta.

19457772_10101073057253029_1008809697_oI am on the hunt for a BB cream that works as well as the Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream but isn’t $39/oz like Smashbox. I picked up 2B Colours BB Cream in sand. It’s regular retail price is $8.99 ($8.17/oz) but I got it on a slight sale for $7.19. I was skeptical about the shade but I’m going to give it a try. So far, it looks like it might work out okay. It doesn’t have any smell in the tube, super surprising since it has SPF 15. When applying it, I do smell something similar to baby lotion maybe? It is so faint. It blends easily and feels super light on my skin. I am really hoping this doesn’t end up too light on me.

19449234_10101073057228079_1597859526_oI picked up more of the Ulta gel eyeliner pencils. These are regular retail at $8.00 each. I’ve already reviewed this product. I wanted to get more of them and held out until Ulta had a B2G2 free sale. I bought 2 and got 2 more free. I picked up another starry night to replace the one Mom claimed. I also got plum, golden egg, and halo. I am really enjoying copper and olive oil from this line so I have high hopes for these other shades. They went on super vibrant, just like the last batch I got. Very excited to try these out.

I decided to try a trio of products from a single brand. Catrice’s products were B2G1 free so that worked out perfectly for me. I picked up the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in sand beige for $10.99 ($10.88/oz), the Liquid Camouflage Concealer in light beige for $5.99 ($37.44/oz), and the Prime & Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder for $7.49 ($24.16/oz). The concealer ended up being my free product after I picked out my 3. Like the 2B Colours BB cream, I am skeptical of the shade match. This foundation and concealer both look very similar in shade to the BB cream too. We’ll see when it swatches. I probably need to swatch the BB cream and this foundation/concealer combo on my jaw.

  • The foundation is a drop foundation with a squeezy top. That is a new one for me. I’m sure that is going to create a mess in the beginning. It is thin and smells oddly like baby powder. No idea there.
  • The concealer is thicker and has a chemical smell from the bottle. It has a doe foot applicator so dots shouldn’t be a problem. It blends easily so it has potential.
  • The powder just smells like powder. *shrug* I will say I ran my finger over the compact for longer than necessary to pick up product and there was no fall out. It blends a bit lighter than I would like for a translucent powder but I had a ton of product on my finger tip. The compact mirror with this powder is worth the $7.49 alone though, just saying. That thing is fantastic.

19449599_10101073057407719_669563469_oThe last product I picked up from Ulta was my 2nd ever MAC purchase but my first MAC product to have arrived. I got a travel size of the Prep and Prime Fix + for $12.00 ($12.00/oz). I got the travel size because, while this is a cult item that I have wanted to try forever, it is a water-based spray and pretty much every foundation/BB cream I own is silicone-based. I’m worried that I will not be able to use this as a primer like I hope and that it will end up being simply a setting spray. I’m not ready to chunk down $24.00 ($7.06/oz) on a 1 trick pony just yet. The price per ounce for the full size is much better than the travel size though. It smells faintly like pears or apples maybe? I can’t tell. But it doesn’t smell bad at all. The sprayer is super powerful. That’s going to take some getting used to for sure!

❤ Dee


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