Swatch Me #23

Ulta Gel Eyeliners are crazy pigmented. I have the shades starry night, golden egg, plum, and halo. ❤ Man those are pretty.


Last up, those face products from 2B Colours and Catrice. This is the first time I’ve tried swatching face products on my face. I really wanted to see how close the shade match was for my skin. In the picture below, the makeup is under the shade name.


Once I got these opened, I was surprised to see that the BB cream and the foundation from 2 different brands are very similar in shade. The concealer is about the same shade as the matching foundation so it is going to match the BB cream too. The light in my bathroom is quite yellow but these shades are not horrible. They might be a shade or two too light but bronzer warms it right up. Despite the BB cream being sheer, it does a decent job of covering my chronic redness. The Catrice foundation sits a bit heavier on the skin but it covers evenly.

Alright that’s all the swatches I’ve got. As you are reading this, I am probably holed up in my hotel after a day at the dog show. I’ll be back soon with other hauls. I have an massive ELF haul coming this week plus that MAC lippie and my Morphe palette should be here eventually. Stay tuned.

❤ Dee



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