New Makeup Reviews Coming

Whooo boy I’ve been a busy bee in the past week. I crunched my budget to make room for some makeup purchases. With foregoing my every 3 weeks manicure at $45 a pop, my every 3 weeks eyebrow wax at $30 a pop, and by canceling my Morphe brush subscription at $20 a month, I am on track to put about $450 back into my makeup budget between now and the end of October. I will pick up the manicures and waxes after the constantly working outside summer. Since I am essentially out of makeup to review now, I went ahead and spent some of that future savings in order to give the blog (and myself) some new products to review.

I have taken advantage of sales from ColourPop, Ulta, Hautelook (from Nordstroms), and ELF. These hauls are already here or on the way in the coming weeks.

  • My ColourPop haul has already arrived. I spent most of my June budget with this $44 purchase and I have 5 new types of products (out of 13 total) to try and review from that haul. I am in love with so much from this order. I love the shades I got of products I’ve already reviewed (ultra satin lips, super shock shadows) but the new stuff is getting a work out too! See that haul here.
  • My June Ipsy bag has already arrived. I love spending $10 and getting 6 items for it! I have 3 new products (out of 6 total counting the bag) that I am currently trialing from this bag. So far so good on these. I hauled that Tuesday. You can see those products here.
  • Hautelook got me 5 products, one from MAC and four from Morphe. I’m super excited about those items even though I spent $44 on essentially 2 review products (out of 5 total). The Morphe product was a bundle, 1 makeup piece I will review and 3 brushes. The MAC product has already shipped and is due Friday. I don’t know when the Morphe product will ship. With Hautelook, the items don’t ship until the sale ends and I’ve seen some folks say they waited 3-4 weeks after a sale ended for their product to finally show up. The Morphe sale ended on Tuesday so this Morphe order may not be here until the middle of July. 😦
  • My Ulta purchase got me 5 new products to review for $46. I have some duplicates of already purchased and reviewed products coming in new-to-me shades too. Those won’t be reviewed of course, but (out of 9 total) I’ll definitely show them off in a haul post. It has shipped and was scheduled to be here Friday or Saturday. However, tracking shows it will be delivered today! Wooo!
  • ELF got me 7 new products (out of 22 total) to review for $32. I actually bought a ton of things from ELF’s super sale but there are multiple duplicate shades because of color matching dubiousness and a few non-makeup products like a lip balm, wipes, etc. It shipped on Monday. It is scheduled to arrive this coming Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed that everything in my order will show up this time. I haven’t ordered from ELF since December’s fuchsia matte lip color debacle. Note that the coral Matte Lip Color is back on the site. I ordered it, obviously. We’ll see if it actually shows up. I had given up on getting coral back at the end of March when the shade disappeared off the website and stopped checking the website completely. I’m glad I looked at this sale. Please come home to me coral. Please, please, please.

I have 22 individual items (out of 55 purchased items of which includes multiple shades, tools, skin care, etc. of products that I don’t tend to review) to review over the next few months and only used a little over $100 of that $450 (I’m putting the rest away) outside of my normal $50/month budget. Figuring in an average of 3 additional items from each Ipsy bag between now and August, that should last me through October. Just in case, I will be cutting down my makeup reviews to twice a week, Monday and Thursdays. In between those, I am going to start posting looks. Serious stuff, fun stuff, whatever. This will be an interesting summer. 😀

❤ Dee


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