Unboxed #22

I’m happy with my Ipsy bag this month. They sent some good stuff that I am excited to try this stuff out. 😀

19212806_10101065021456829_63330632_oFirst up, they sent a mini blender from Beaute Basics. I love blenders and I have dozens. The small size ones are my favorite because I have a small face and the egg-sized ones are a bit too big for me to control product. This one is a travel size blender that retails for $9.99. It is a bit hard while dry but spongey enough that I think it will be a good fit in my collection.

19204982_10101065021446849_1775600205_oIpsy sent another full size mascara. This time, it is the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara that retails for $22.00 ($73.33/oz). It has a slight smell but the brush is perfect. It is made of a lot of organic ingredients and is well reviewed online. I hope this works well.

19205043_10101065021506729_1829154227_oI think the eyeshadow I got from Luna by Luna Cosmetics in jace will work out. It retails for $15.00 ($283.02/oz) and I belive this is a full sized product. It is a nice pink shade that is very pigmented. However, it has massive fallout. This one is going to require careful application. Otherwise, I foresee much eye watering in my future.

I’m very excited to try my first product from theBalm Cosmetics. Ipsy sent a blush sample called Balm Springs Blush. I think the name is In Full Swing. I might be wrong. The full size of this blush retails for $21.00 ($106.60/oz). This blush is very pigmented so I think it will need some careful application. But I also think the color is great so I’m really happy to try this out. I wish I could find theBalm locally. I was told that Walgreens carried it but I think they must have ended the partnership because I literally cannot find it in stores or on their website. The sample is in a cute little magnetic package.

19205072_10101065021486769_713132560_oThe only thing Ipsy sent this month that I’m iffy on is this sample of Privai matte moisturizer. I’ve only tried one other matte moisturizer (Sephora brand) and it didn’t end well. I broke out and hated how it felt on my skin. Still, I’m going to give this one a try. The full size product retails for $30.00 ($17.65/oz) and comes in a cute bottle. We’ll see how this one goes. It smells a bit sweet, just saying.

Up next is my last official Morphe bag. I have another bag coming but it is the October 2016 bag that I used my points to redeem. Morphe sent some interesting brushes this month. The bag’s retail value is only $31.96 value (again) but I’m pleased with the brushes they sent.

19249932_10101066954537919_726163144_oThe M460 is a 1 1/2″ flat contour brush. I have a few contour brushes but none of them are this dense. It retails at $9.99.

19358879_10101066954577839_927054184_oThe M518 is a fluffy crease brush. It retails for $5.99. Of all of these brushes, this is the one I’m really worried about. The other white bristled eyeshadow brushes I’ve gotten from Morphe in the past few months have all had issues with looking absolutely ragged after their first wash (and is the reason I canceled my subscription). I hope this one holds up.

19349664_10101066954607779_328097261_oThe M496 is an odd little thing. It is a tiny duo lash fan brush that retails for $2.99. It says it can apply mascara or highlighter or be used for texture in body paint. I find this statement to be highly suspect. I can’t imagine those super tiny, fragile looking bristles can withstand the clumping of mascara or the weight of body paint. I will be using it for highlighter on my cupid’s bow only.

19349381_10101066954557879_353470085_oThe last brush I got this month is the M444, a dense definition buffer brush. This is supposed to be for buffing in foundation for an airbrushed finish. However, I’ve found that unless I apply a lot of foundation, this kind of application just removes most of my foundation. I will probably use this as a blending brush instead. It retails for $12.99.

That’s it for now lovely ones. I’ll be back with swatches of that blush and eyeshadow tonight. 😀

❤ Dee


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