My Current PM Skin Care Routine

My PM skin care routine is probably the highlight of my day. I always feel so fresh afterwards. It is one of those feelings that makes me wish I could shower every night again. My scalp would revolt. My skin too probably. But it is nice to think about. My doctor told me to quit showering daily and taught me about training my hair to control the oil. It isn’t a prescribed thing but she highly recommended I do it as I was suffering some pretty extreme consequences (my hair started falling out due to extreme dry scalp -.-). As a result, 6 months later, my scalp produces much less oil, I am no longer suffering from alopecia and much less from dry scalp flaking/itching, and my hair is fuller/shinier/healthier-looking.

My PM skin care routine is split into 2 different routines: shower night routine and non-shower night routine.

  1. Cleansing – I typically get my showers at night but I only shower every 3-4 days because of my incredibly oily yet dry scalp issue. I use dry shampoo between showers to keep the oily hair at bay. I also do nightly sponge baths to keep everything else fresh. Just saying, skipping shower night for a medical reason like mine is not an excuse to be a stinker. I will use a warm wash rag and doctor recommended antibacterial soap in the shower each night even if I’m not washing my hair. I just take the shower head off the hanger to keep from getting my hair wet.
    1. For my face, I use my Ulta Cleansing Brush with The Body Shop Skin Clearing Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. I freaking love that stuff. It is a gel so the brush doesn’t sling it around the shower. It takes off makeup (other than mascara), helps keep my face blemish free, and makes my skin feel so clean.
    2. On non-shower nights, I mix it up. If I wore a full face of makeup, I have to break out the Mario Badescu Cleansing Milk with carnation and rice oil. When I first bought this stuff, I was using it wrong. I used it in the shower with my brush. But it is a dry face wash. You are supposed to wipe it on like a moisturizer with a cotton pad and then wipe it off with no water. It helps to read directions, Dee. Anyways, this stuff cuts through face makeup really well. It doesn’t do much for a good mascara but it gets foundation and eyeshadow gone and leaves my skin feeling super soft.
    3. If I didn’t wear much makeup that day or to follow up the Facial Milk, I use a makeup removing wipe just to make sure my face is completely clean. I get a variety of wipes from the Dollar Tree. They aren’t expensive so if I have to use 2 at a time, it is not a big deal. I just keep wiping until I stop seeing more makeup on the wipe.
  2. Makeup Remover – Unfortunately, none of my cleansing routines get mascara gone, especially the high-end stuff that is meant to stick really well (for the money, it better). I have to use a real makeup remover to get mascara off.
    1. I really like the Ulta Makeup Removing Wipes for simplicity. They work really well and they are super affordable.
    2. Sometimes, I have to break out the bigger guns though. I like the NYX Eye Makeup Remover when I my skin is behaving. But it can cause tiny breakouts so I use it only when I’m desperate.
    3. I use my homemade eye makeup remover that is just 1 part olive oil and 5 parts distilled water in its latest mixture. No frills and it feels gross on my skin afterwards (which means I have to wash my eye area again afterwards) but it works.
  3. Masks – Twice a week, I try to remember to use a mask. If I lay in the tub, then I almost always remember. But if I get a shower, it is rare that I remember to use it. So there are some non-shower nights that I end up using a mask. I love the Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask for those nights. It applies easier than the Feeling Beautiful masks I have because it is more liquidy. The MB mask is more for mature skin concerns while the FB masks are for blemish and skin type concerns. I mix it up. Either way, once the mask has dried, I remove it with warm water over the sink or in the shower. I always use clay mask type masks. I’ve tried the sheet masks, foaming masks, and peeling masks. I hate them. I’ll stick with the clay stuff that doesn’t feel awful on my face.
  4. Exfoliating – If I take a shower, my Ulta cleansing brush and Body Shop gel works double duty as a gentle exfoliator. It is gentle enough that it doesn’t cause rosacea flairs and it has never tried to rip my nose ring out. On non-shower nights, I do not exfoliate at all.
  5. Toner – My PM toner is the same as my AM toner. Mario Badescu toners and sprays have taken over my skin care routine. I really like the sprays for night time because it is so quick to do. I like my Dermologica Calming Mist when I’m having really bad flairs, but MB is the bomb for helping to prevent those flairs in the first place. I never cheat with witch hazel at night. I worry since I’ll be lying flat that it will slowly transfer from my nose to my cheeks and cause a bad next day. So I just don’t use it at all.
  6. Acne Treatment – As I said in my AM post, I rarely have real acne breakouts. When I do, I have 2 ways of treating it that have nothing to do with showering.
    1. If it is just mild white heads or under-the-skin bumps that only I notice, I dab a bit of Tea Tree Oil undiluted onto the bump and let it dry.
    2. If it is a big bump or it is becoming painful, I use the tea tree oil and then follow it up with Equate 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment Gel. It tends to dry white so I only use it at night. By morning, the bump is almost always healing or gone.
  7. Eye Treatment – My PM routine is the same as my AM routine. I use the Equate Anti-Puffiness roll on stick. With continual use, I do feel that is has been helping. God knows my sleep routine hasn’t gotten any better or anything. I’ve increased my water intake but also increased my exercise so that pretty much balances out.
  8. Take a break – To let the puff pen work, I usually stop here for a few minutes. I brush my teeth, comb out my hair if wet or just give it a brush, get my pajamas on, etc.
  9. Under Eye Moisturizer – Once more, my PM routine is the same as my AM routine for under eye moisturizer. I use ELF Under Eye Cream. I apply it heavier at night than in the mornings though, especially over my brow bone.
  10. Moisturizer – I am not nearly as picky about moisturizers in the evenings like I am in the mornings. At least, I don’t need SPF so that helps reduce smells. I tend to use whatever moisturizer I have at hand. That Ives Timeless Skin is a top favorite. But I’ll use the Pond’s Cold Cream, Neutrogena Deep Moisture, Air Repair Moisturizer, or Dermasil Night Cream if I grab it first. I tend to put this on rather heavily at night, rub it in, wait 5 minutes, and then rub it in again after it has started to absorb.
  11. Body Moisturizer – After I get myself clean, I try to remember to apply body lotion. I have a much better track record with this on non-shower days though. I use whatever body moisturizer I grab, usually some generic brand.

Voila, I’m ready for bed. Minus shower time, this routine takes 10-15 minutes (30 minutes if I use a mask). 😃 That is it for my PM skin care routine. I’ll be back over the next few days reviewing some of the products I’ve mentioned in the AM and PM posts.

What do you do in your PM routine that you don’t do in the AM?



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