My Current AM Skin Care Routine

My full morning routine can be completed in 5 minutes if I’m rushed. Or I can take upwards of 2 hours if I have a chance. Either way, most of my morning skin care routine stays the same regardless of how much time I have.

  1. Cleansing – I usually get a shower at night so it is rare for me to wash my face with water in the mornings.
    1. I prefer to use a moist towelette to clean the oil and sleep sweat off my face in the mornings. My favorite is the Equate brand wipes that I find at WalMart that are nearly always on a B1G1 sale.
    2. If my face is really oily when I wake up, I will wet a soft wash cloth with hot water and lay that over my face for a few minutes then use the towelette.
  2. Exfoliating – I can’t use most exfoliating products because of rosacea and sensitive skin. Redness and acne breakouts always follow my attempts at using exfoliating products so I have given up. I take advantage of that wash cloth in the mornings and gently exfoliate my skin with it instead! It isn’t nearly as effective as chemical treatments but it is better than nothing. I have to be extra careful with this wash cloth as exfoliator because of my nose piercing. Even if I’m not super oily when I wake up, I try to do this at least once or twice a week, alternating with shower nights when possible.
  3. Toner – I really like Dickenson’s Witch Hazel Toner for black heads. When I got interested in makeup last year, I used it twice a day religiously. But I started having more than usual rosacea flairs. Turns out, witch hazel is one of the worst things I can use on my face with rosacea. Boooo!
    1. If I’m having an unusually difficult time with blackheads, I will use Dickenson’s on a cotton pad just on my nose or on a qtip around my mouth (I get blackheads in my lip line *sigh*).
    2. I love a variety of Mario Badescu toners and sprays right now. I have a much better control of my flairs after giving up the witch hazel. I alternate between the aloe vera toner, the aloe spray with cucumber and tea tree oil, and the rose water spray with aloe and herbs.
  4. Acne Treatment – I rarely have real acne breakouts. When I do, I use an ELF acne roller stick in the mornings. It goes on clear and dries without residue. I don’t know if it really works or if it is the night time product I use but it makes me feel better at least. I wish this stuff worked on blackheads like it does on white heads and under-the-skin bumps.
  5. Eye Treatment – This is a newer product in my routine. This is the Equate Anti-Puffiness roll on stick. I use it directly on my under eye area to try to get my small but visible under eye bags to go away. I could do a better job with this if I could get the right amount of sleep at night. However, this works well if you use it regularly. It dries clear and doesn’t leave a mess afterwards.
  6. Take a break – In order to let that puffy eye treatment work, I usually stop after using that and go do something else. Start my coffee, brush my teeth, pick out my clothes, etc.
  7. Under Eye Moisturizer – I thought I was doing a really good job of moisturizing my skin. Until I got my eyebrows done a few months ago. She used the Benefit Eye Cream on me and my skin soaked that stuff up quick. I know she was just doing her thing to get a sale but I was slightly disappointed in my routine. I didn’t buy the expensive stuff at Ulta but I did get an ELF Under Eye Cream at WalMart. I dab it on my under eye after the puffy eye treatment has absorbed and use my pinky finger to rub it along my under eye and over my brow bone area. I make sure I’ve used most of what I have on my finger and then gently rub the remains over my eyelids. After a few months of this, I still have eye moisturizer left (a little goes a very, very long way) and I am having a lot less issue with my eyelids feeling dry when I apply eyeshadow primer. I still get oily in the eyelids but it has actually decreased noticeably too since I started using under eye moisturizer.
  8. Moisturizer – I have so many moisturizers. I am super picky about what I use, especially in the AM. I really want it to have SPF. But since I’m in my 30s, I also want it to have elastin-type properties. I also need it to work for sensitive skin. And I’d really love for it not to smell. Tough one there. I’ve gone through so many moisturizers because they weren’t quite right.
    1. I ended up making my own moisturizer. It is a combination of facial sunscreen, my favorite (and budget friendly) collagen moisturizer, and a few drops of tea tree oil. It misses the smell mark by a long shot but I really like this mixture for a day time moisturizer. The current line up of products in my concoction is 1 part Equate brand Facial Sunscreen 50 SPF, 3 parts Ives Timeless Skin moisturizer, and 10 drops of tea tree oil in a 3 ounce squeeze bottle.
    2. My next one will probably be the same mixture but in the St. Ives container itself. Getting that moisturizer down inside that 3 ounce bottle is a nightmare.
  9. Take another break – Before I start doing makeup, I take another break here to let my moisturizer fully absorb into my skin. I brush my hair, go get a cup of coffee, feed the animals, etc. I don’t actually change my clothes unless I know I’m not doing a full face that day. I hate getting powder on my clothes!

Giving everything time to set and dry, my AM skin care routine can be completed in 5-15 minutes depending on if I use that wash cloth and if I cheat and use the witch hazel very carefully.

How does your AM routine look? Do you have specific products you love?

❤ Dee


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