My Skin Care Routine

I am out of makeup reviews for a couple weeks! Crazy, right? I do have new makeup in hand (June Ipsy and a nice ColourPop haul) but I need to try them all out for a while before I commit to a score and review. As suggested in the comments a couple weeks back, the next couple weeks I am going to focus on my skin care routine and products.

Posts to look forward to:

  • AM Skin Care Routine – morning skin care routine for oily/sensitive skin and rosacea with alternatives
  • PM Skin Care Routine – evening skin care routine for oily/sensitive skin and rosacea with alternatives
  • Makeup Removers – the trials and tribulations of getting mascara off without taking my eyelashes with it and other makeup removing tidbits
  • Cleansers – I’ve tried a ton of these and they all have their ups and downs
  • Exfoliators – Since I have rosacea, I am not able to exfoliate as well as I’d like without turning into a tomato so I’ve found a workaround
  • Toners – Like exfoliators, some toners can be really bad for those with rosacea but I’ve found some nice stuff along the way
  • Eye Moisturizers – The newest products in my skin care routine
  • Facial Moisturizers – I’ve tried so many of these and they all have one thing in common
  • Masks – Always a hit for a girls night and beneficial if you have the right one

These posts will be going up over the next couple weeks and then I will resume my regular makeup review schedule!

Skin care is something I’ve started taking seriously over the last year. I am learning and growing as time passes. My assortment of skin care items is growing too. I should probably Spring Clean this mess at some point.


I had started to say that I have a little bit of everything. But a quick peek at skin care items on Ulta’s website proves I am wrong.

ulta skin care list

I don’t use cleansing oils, exfoliators & scrubs, face oils, decollete & neck creams, face serums, facial peels, sheet masks, or eye serums. And I consider BB & CC creams to be makeup so I wouldn’t include that in a skin care post anyways. Lip care is debatable. I only use 2 lip care products (ELF lip exfoliator and Vaseline) so it is almost not worth mentioning but I could see how that is included under skin care.

The next few weeks are going to be all about skin care. Coming up tomorrow is 2 posts, my current AM skin care routine and my current PM skin care routine. My routine focuses on products that help reduce redness (or at least doesn’t make it worse) from rosacea and oily skin products for sensitive skin. It can be a tall order to balance.

After those 2 posts, I will be reviewing skin care products from past and present. It is a little different from makeup posts but I loved this idea while I build up my makeup-to-review collection again. Thanks again to [person] for the suggestion!

❤ Dee

❤ Dee




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