Solo Traveler #99: NYX Slide On Pencil

Mom found this NYX Slide On Glide On Stay On & Definitely A Turn On Waterproof Extreme Shine Eye Liner. How obnoxious is that freaking name?! She found this at Meijer and thought I’d like to give it a try with my recent obsession with bright waterline colors. She also picked up 2 more of the Wet N Wild Catsuit liquid lippies in rebel rose and give me mocha. The eyeliner retails for $8.00 ($200.00/oz). It scored a 19.

18870181_10101052860292899_824468959_oI am not certain how much Mom paid for this eyeliner but it had to have been on sale for her to buy it. Haha I know the Catsuits were B1G1 50% off.

I haven’t sharpened this eyeliner yet (as you can see) so I can’t say if it has the same problem as the NYX lip liners (read: constant breaking).

Edit: I finally got around to sharpening it a couple days after I wrote this review and so far, it isn’t breaking. The lip liners didn’t break in the first sharpening either. It was after the 2nd or 3rd that they broke every time I tried to sharpen them.

I’m very happy to say it doesn’t smell and it applies easily without skipping much.

The color is more muted and transparent than I expected though. It is also a bit patchy. I imagine if I could use more pressure, the payout would be better. But this is my eyes were talking about. Light pressure or nothing folks. However, it you are patient and give this time to dry and set, you can layer over it and build the color.

On naked skin, this eyeliner cannot withstand my oily eyelids. But over eyeshadow, it does well for at least 8 hours.

Don’t mind the gross skin in the photo. I did yard work the day before I took that picture so my hands are tore up from weeding/pruning, hauling away branches/weeds, and carrying around lawn furniture.

I have a question about this product. NYX’s website says this comes in 18 shades but they only have 16 available for purchase. Anyone know what 2 shades are missing? Please say it is a bright red…

❤ Dee


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