A Cabin In The Woods

Kid 1’s birthday is at the end of July and Kid 2’s birthday is in the middle of August. Yup, they are right around 50 weeks apart (not my idea, I assure you). Last year was the last year that we hosted joint birthday parties for the sake of our own sanity for their 14th and 13th birthdays. As “real” teenagers, they don’t want joint parties anymore. As a twin, I completely understand this. 😀

We’ve always done some kind of themed party for them. One year was Hawaiian themed. They had a pirate themed one a few years back. Last year it was Starbucks themed. This year, they will be having separate parties about 2-3 weeks apart (joy) that we have to schedule around color guard, track, and tennis practice/events/competitions. This will not be a fun time. Nothing fancy this year… family, a few friends, pizza, cake, and ice cream for each party. However, we are going to take the sting out of a big party by having a joint birthday weekend a couple weeks early.

I just finished up reserving a cabin in the woods for 2 nights at a State Park a couple hours away from the house. It wasn’t cheap but I found a deal for 1/3 of the going rate for that area that I couldn’t pass up. We have room for the girls and 1 friend each plus the dogs. The kids have a huge range of activities in the area including horseback riding, beach swimming, paddle boats, miniature golf, and tons of scenic hiking. Plus our cabin has a jacuzzi and a fire ring for relaxing at night.

They have started a list of things to bring that includes Monopoly, playing cards, and a huge deck of Uno cards. I’m down for that. They are not down for the fact that the cabin does not have internet. In fact, most of this State Park doesn’t even have cell phone service. Breaking that news was difficult and their immediate question (both of them) was: “How will I keep up my streaks?!” Like serious concerning questions. haha I will be bringing more practical things like sunscreen, bug spray, and extra toilet paper.

Here is hoping that the kids behave themselves but still have fun without driving me crazy. 😀

❤ Dee


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