Unboxed #21

Ah ColourPop, my old friend has brought me some new goodies. ❤

First up, my longtime favorite super shock shadows. These cream eyeshadows are $5.00 ($71.43/oz) each and I feel like ColourPop must have 100s of shades. They bring out new ones and retire old ones constantly. I picked up head rush (first picture) and porter (second picture) on last call. I could not get head rush to photograph. It looks super dark but it really isn’t dark like that. Porter also looks darker in the photo than it is but that is the lazy angle. Porter is from one of the Kathleen Lights sets and it is being discontinued outside of the set. I don’t know if head rush is from a particular set or not but I was hoping it would be the matte green shade I’ve been hunting. Unfortunately, I think it is more green and less brown than I was hoping but I have a few other super shock shadows in brown shades that I’m going to try to layer with this one before I say it isn’t going to work. These are both lovely shades regardless. Porter is a burgundy with gold glitter and damn does it sparkle. Head rush is a matte olive green.

highlighterUp next, a new product for my collection, the super shock highlighter. These are $8.00 ($53.33/oz). I have shied away from the highlighters because of how they are more expensive than the super shock shadows and liquid lipsticks I’ve ordered from ColourPop in the past. However, after looking at the price per ounce, the highlighter is actually the cheapest of all of the ColourPop products I own. Score! I’ve never used any of ColourPop’s highlighters so this is cool. This is the shade scrumptious and I got it on a last call. It is just as pigmented as the super shock shadows so I’m hoping a brush diffuses the color a bit. Haha

eyelinerThe last non-lip product I picked up is also a new product for me from ColourPop: the crème gel eyeliner. These are $5.00 ($500.00/oz) and the price per ounce is fairly middle/high end compared with other eyeliners in my collection. This is the shade fast lane. Naturally, I broke the tip off of the eyeliner as soon as I tried to swatch it because I am a heavy-handed klutz. I probably just wasted about $100 worth of product. Fast lane is a beautiful green (blackened teal according to ColourPop) shade. Of course, Mom said she wants it. She would rather have a matte color than a shimmery color and the blue gel eyeliner from Ulta she got a few weeks back has shimmer in it. I told her I would order her one the next time I place a ColourPop order.

lumiere setUp next was the Lumiere set. This is from Kathleen Lights and only the set was on last call. No worries, the individual items are still available. 😀 This set includes my very first lippie stix. I know, I’ve been a ColourPop junkie for a year now… how could I have never tried a lippie stix?! At any rate, these are $5.00 ($142.86/oz) each. This is the matte formula in the shade Lumiere. The set included a Lumiere lippie pencil too. The pencils are $5.00 ($142.05/oz) each. The matching set was $10.00 before it went on last call. It is nowhere to be found on the site anymore so I’m guessing the last of their sets are gone.

Another new product for me is the blotted lip. I don’t know much about these lipsticks. They came out while I was on my makeup buying exile so I wasn’t even looking at the site to avoid temptation. These are shorter than the lippie stix but also wider. It looks like these are meant to be worn sheer if that is the preference but can be built up for a regular lipstick coverage. Anyways, these retail for $5.00 ($142.86/oz) just like the lippie stix. I got the shade drip. We’ll see how this goes.

The other set I picked up was the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop set. It was also on last call (along with several other lip trios). The set was retailing for $14.00, a small discount over buying these individually. The Ultra Matte Lip in bad habit retails for $6.00 ($54.55/oz). The Matte X Lippie Stix in mirror, mirror retails for $5.00 ($142.86/oz). And the Lippie Pencil in bad habit retails for $5.00 ($142.05/oz). So the set only really saved you $2 if you bought it before it went to last call. I got it for $11.20 so I definitely can’t complain. I’ve tried the ultra matte lip and the lippie pencil before so the only new product in this set is the matte X lippie stix.

usl mini trioLast up is 3 familiar products, ultra satin lips. These are deluxe sample sizes of my beloved formula. I got these during ColourPop’s Raid The Mini Bar event. It has been going on for a while I gather. After $20, you got to pick a free mini and got an additional mini for each $10 after that with a max of 5 minis per order. I picked up (top to bottom) strip, London fog, and prim simply because the other 2 shades offered are ones I already own (frick n frack and dopey I think). I can’t find this event on the site anymore so I think it is gone now or it is a Sunday special. At any rate, I had 2 of the shades already so I got the 3 that I didn’t have.

Swatches are coming!

❤ Dee


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