Swatch Me #21

Ya’ll look at these swatches!


From left to right: Head Rush super shock shadow, Porter super shock shadow, Scrumptious super shock highlighter, Fast Lane crème gel liner, Bad habit lippie pencil, Bad habit ultra matte lippie, Mirror Mirror matte X lippie stix, Lumiere lippie pencil, Lumiere matte lippie stix, Drip blotted lip, Prim ultra satin lip, London fog ultra satin lip, and Strip ultra satin lip.

A few notes: You can actually see the real colors of the super shock shadows now (thankfully!), Bad habit lippie pencil matches the Mirror mirror lippie stix better than the ultra matte lippie named the same as the pencil, and the two Lumiere shades are actually spot on unlike the “almost” matches that I’m used to from ColourPop.

I am very happy with this haul despite that green eyeshadow still not being quite what I’m hunting!

❤ Dee


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