Spring Cleaning by the Numbers

I feel so much better about my makeup collection now that I’ve finished Spring cleaning. If you’ve been here a while, you know I love numbers and statistics.

  • Pieces of makeup prior to Spring cleaning (counting palettes as -1- and ColourPop quads as -4-, not counting anything I’ve put in the box of shame since I started this journey): 253 pieces of makeup
  • Pieces I purged during Spring cleaning: 72 pieces of makeup
  • Pieces I kept during Spring cleaning: 181 pieces of makeup

If you are okay with math, you can see that I purged 28% of my collection and kept 72% of my collection. That isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m happy with that number. I really thought I’d be stingy and keep about 90% of my stuff. I did good!

I told Mom she could have a look at what I have in the box of shame (currently the box of sharing since the 72 pieces I put in there over the last couple weeks aren’t bad, just unwanted now) so I laid everything out last night. She is mulling it over. Once she decides what she wants, I’ll let the girls have a whack at it. They have gone through my box of shame once before when there were about 40 pieces in there. This time, there is well over 100 pieces. I think I’ll need to referee this time because they might kill each other over those lashes and some of the eyeshadows. 😀


There is a lot of stuff in there. I think it has been building up since around October or November. There are some things in there that I just don’t use: hair products, nail polish, fake eyelashes. There are my products that just didn’t work for me like the ELF concealers, NYC foundation, and KISS gel eyeliner. And then there are my purged products like the vast majority of the mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeshadows.

The kids will be happy. lol And my collection will grow again in a few days with my June Ipsy bag arriving in the next week!

❤ Dee


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