In The Bag #21: ColourPop Haul

Ya’ll, I am stoked with ColourPop right now. If you’ve ever ordered from them, you will be familiar with the more-often-than-not wait time for your haul. It takes 24-48 hours for them to process the order. It takes another 24-48 hours for the order to actually ship out. And then, unless you pay for expedited shipping (is this even a thing? I wouldn’t know…), you wait 5-8 days for the order to actually show up at your door because the US Postal Service is slooooooow. You might get your stuff in a range of 7 to 12 days if you live in the continental United States, longer if you live elsewhere. Familiar?

Yeah. Story of my ColourPop life.

I placed on order on Sunday, June 4th. I’m running super low on makeup to review and I haven’t ordered anything from ColourPop since January. They were running a bunch of last call things and I found a green eyeshadow that looks like the early 2000’s US military camo green I’ve been hunting. I couldn’t just order 1 super shock shadow so I took advantage of a few last calls and a few new products. I got my confirmation email and to my horror, it said that due to their recent 20% off sale, orders were delayed for 3-5 days. Gah. Anyone else wish they’d have that stated up front before you pay them?!

So imagine my surprise when I got another email Monday morning giving me my tracking information already. Er… what? It took the day for it to ship out so tracking went live Tuesday morning. And now, Saturday afternoon, my order is in my hands. What the what?!


For normal ColourPop standards, I didn’t expect to have my order on their normal timeline before Wednesday next week. With the extended processes, I really thought it might be as late as the last week of the month before I got my order. Stoked. Stoked I tell you.

Check out these loves!

No matter what I tried, that green super shock shadow will not show up the right color in pictures. I tried my camera phone with and without flash. I tried my DSLR with and without flash. No matter what, it looks super dark brown. I swear it is a green color. lol

Unboxed is coming next folks. 😀

❤ Dee


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