Solo Traveler #98: Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Highlighter

I’ve been wanting to try Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Highlighter for a while but I am super unimpressed by that retail price of $26.00 ($113.04/oz). Thankfully for me, Ipsy sent a sample of this highlighter in the shade Sin with my May bag. Yay! After trying it out, I gave this highlighter a score of 16.

18575604_10101034279523909_210080551_oI know, a 16 is pretty underwhelming considering how hyped this product is online. To be fair, all Ipsy products lose 3 points out the gate because I don’t count them as sale items (1 point) or being something I got points for (2 points) because they are discount samples. I made that rule when this Ipsy stuff started. Since this is available at Ulta, had I bought this there, this highlighter would have scored a 19 so keep that in mind.

I’ve said it so many times: I’m over highlighter. Yet I have a ton of them (even after Spring cleaning) and I use them whenever I do a full face. I am totally a hypocrite.

This highlighter sample is super cheap packaging but it is a bit better than the Elizabeth Mott highlighter sample I got from Ipsy previously simply because I can see the highlighter in the packaging and can’t mistake it for trash. The retail packaging is a sleek silver compact that is much more attractive.

This stuff doesn’t smell and goes on buttery. It lasts all day and the payout is phenomenal. I really like this highlighter. My only complaint (aside from that stupidly high price tag) is that this only comes in 3 shades. Does a champagne, a peach, and a pink highlighter really cover all skin tones? I think not. Considering the huge number of lipstick shades that Urban Decay offers, they could throw a few more shades of highlight into this line.

I won’t be buying this at retail but I do like it. I will certainly be using my sample size for a while because I’ve used it multiple times per week since I got it and you can’t even tell I’ve touched it yet.

❤ Dee


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