Spring Cleaning: Eyeshadow

Ahhh Spring cleaning is finally over! At least, with my makeup collection. 😀

I finally managed to go through all of my eyeshadow. I have… a lot.


Looking at not-palettes, this collection included Wet N Wild (1 8-pan, 2 5-pan, and 6 3-pan), NYC 3-pan, ColourPop (2 quad sets, 1 duo set, and 2 individuals), Julep (3 sticks), NYX (1 single), J. Cat Beauty (1 baked trio, 2 loose shadows, and 2 pressed singles), Ulta (4 singles), ELF (2 baked trios). With palettes, this included 4 Ulta palettes, 1 Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, 3 Urban Decay palettes, 1 Maybelline palette, and 1 Profusion palette. Unpictured is the Ulta full face palette from Summer 2016.

This was really hard. I mean really really really hard. I had a few that I knew needed to go. And a few that probably should go because I rarely touch them but really wanted to keep either out of sentimental value or because the packaging is bomb.

In the end, I gave up the 8-pan and both 5-pans from Wet N Wild, the Profusion palette, both of the baked ELF eyeshadows (that I thought I had tossed previously), the Maybelline palette, and the loose shadows from J. Cat Beauty.


I was left with this:


I forgot that I planned to dump that NYC trio so that was added to the purge pile after pictures were taken. So I’m down 10 eyeshadow products. That’s good, right? 😀

Spring cleaning is over until next year. I let go of 72 products over a few days (and posts spread out over a few weeks). I certainly don’t need more makeup but we all know I’m going to buy more. Now, I need to hand my box of shame (playing as my Spring cleaning box too right now) off to the girls. It weighs a ton. I think I’ll need to referee this time. They’ll kill each other going through it.

❤ Dee


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