Solo Traveler #97: Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil

18338778_10101021208468409_1550308917_oI found these Ulta Gel Eyeliners back in May after discovering how much I love gel pencil eyeliners. This product retails for $8.00 ($80.00/oz) and comes in 20 shades. I picked this up in olive oil and copper. I also picked up starry night for Mom. I scored this at 23, the same as the Essence gel eyeliner that started this obsession.

I really don’t have a single negative to share about these eyeliners. They don’t smell, the color payout is fantastic, they sharpen evenly, and they last all day long.

There are 20 beautiful shades in this line. About ¼ of them are your normal black/brown shades. The rest are fun colors that are perfect for pops of color during the summer. Bright pink and yellow, bold purple and greens.

I got these on a B2G1 free sale so I definitely scored on these. I’m not going to go out of my way to buy these without a sale considering how often Ulta runs their sales, but I will be scooping up a few more ideal shades the next time they run a B2G2 free sale.

❤ Dee


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