Spring Cleaning: Liquid Lipsticks

This was a huge fail. hahahahaha

Spring cleaning my liquid lipsticks was the #2 most dreaded task (eyeshadows being #1 and left for last). I figured I had about 50 of them to go through. Good news is that I only had 25. 😀


2 from Too Faced, 6 from ColourPop, 1 from Kat Von D, 1 from Ciate, 1 from NYX, 4 from Ulta, 1 from Cailyn, 3 from Tarte, 2 from Makeup Revolution, and 4 from Wet N Wild (2 unpictured).

But only having 25 of them did not make this decision easier. I knew I would be letting go of the Kat Von D one and the purple one from Tarte. But I wasn’t sure of the rest. In the end, I chose 5 to let go from my collection.


Tarte, Kat Von D, Ciate, Ulta, and NYX

But that means I still kept 20 of them. lol


This really wasn’t much of a Spring cleaning. I did try but I just really like all of these! I will make a concentrated effort to use up the sample sizes of Tarte, Ulta, and Too Faced products to bring that 20 down to 14 soon though.

It is all about goals, right? 😀

❤ Dee


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