Solo Traveler #96: City Color Bold Eyebrow Powder Duo

May Ipsy included this full size Color City Bold Eyebrow Powder Duo in medium. It retails for $3.99 ($4.38/oz). I gave this a score of 16.


I am not a big fan of brow powders. I am just too messy to make them work well, especially if I apply them after I’ve done other makeup. However, this brow product really isn’t bad, especially considering the price. It is so much better than the $3 ELF Eyebrow Kit I tried back in the fall.

The good: It doesn’t smell. The compact opens from the side which is weird but acceptable. The darker shade of the duo is a good match for my eyebrows. It lasts all day without fading into obscurity.

The bad: As a powder, this does have fall out. A light amount of setting spray on the brush helps keep it under control during application. The included eyebrow brush is definitely garbage. Do yourself a favor and use a real brush meant for this product. That thing made the fall out 100 times worse.

The ugly: I can’t use the lighter shade. It looks like it would be a good match but it goes on super ashy. I don’t understand how a light brown powder can turn gray when used. This has 2 shades, medium and medium to dark. That irks me to no end. There are more than 2 or 3 shades of people out there City Color. Get it together. A true blonde of any shade (white-blonde, dirty blonde, strawberry blonde, et.c) would never be able to use this, nor would any POC that has any sort of red or yellow undertone. This medium shade really seems suited to those with brown shades of hair, with vanilla white person or olive skin tones, and neutral undertones. Uh… there are a lot more people in the market than that.

If you like brow powders, I highly recommend checking this one out. Just don’t be surprised if the shade range sucks for you though. I can’t imagine how this would work for everyone.

❤ Dee


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