Spring Cleaning: Cream Lipsticks

I love lipstick but I have a love/hate relationship with most cream lipsticks. I hate when it smears on my face and on my things. That is the case with most of my cream lipsticks.

I have 21 cream lipsticks.


I ended up keeping 10 of them.


BH Cosmetics in dark rose; Ulta lip butters in ravishing, stargazer, and encore; Urban Decay in 1993; Laura Mercier in an affair; Ulta Matte in petal; Bite in honeycomb; J. Cat Beauty Matte in am I ready; and Marc Jacobs in slow burn.

I discarded 11 of them.


ELF lipsticks in nostalgic and posh; NYX lipsticks both in thalia but not the same shade -.-; Wet N Wild lipsticks in bare it all, just peachy, cinnamon spice, and sand storm; L’Oreal in blushing berry; Sephora lipstick in some red shade; and Rimmel lipstick in first class nude.

This was not a hard one to go through. Liquid lipsticks though… that will not be a fun one. Liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows left to purge. I have a feeling those will not go well. 😀

❤ Dee


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