I’m Out of New Makeup

What is this life?! I was looking through all of my reviews and realized I have reviewed all of my makeup. Again. The last of my current reviews goes up June 16th. I won’t get my Ipsy bag until right around then so I’m going to go a few days without scheduled reviews.

I regret that but honestly, there isn’t anything new out that excites me right now. After Spring cleaning, I can’t really name a product that I need more of right now.

I need some recommendations for products I haven’t already tried and that aren’t over the top expensive. I’m looking at bright gel eyeliners mostly but I would do any liquid or pencil eyeliners with brights. Throw me some product recommendations that aren’t Ulta, Essence, or NYX. I’ve tried those. lol The NYX and Ulta reviews are coming in the next 2 weeks. I’ve already posted my Essence review.

❤ Dee


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