Spring Cleaning: Full Face Products

My hoarding tendencies are really reflected in my full face box. This box is a collection of all the products that I use when I do a full face. Primer, color correction, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter, and bronzer. And this box is a mess!


It was hard for me to part with anything in this box. I haven’t used most of this stuff often so I feel like I haven’t gotten my money’s worth out of them yet. But, going through this box, I did find some spare sealed products. I found a foundation, a contour palette, and a primer that I put in the bottom of my main makeup box for when I run out.

Then I had to start going through everything. In order, here is how it all came out:


I ended up letting go of both of the Benefit Porefessional primer samples. I just don’t like them. I put the 2nd green elf primer and the pink primer away.


I only have 1 color corrector so I kept it.


I didn’t want to let any of my foundations go. I had a spare ELF foundation in porcelain so I put it away. I let go of the Clinique sample and the NYX foundation that is orange on my skin.


I didn’t let any concealers go. I am trying to use up the IT Cosmetics sample and I use the other 3 as well.


I found one of my pressed translucent powders from ELF was shattered so I threw it out. I kept the 2nd one. I also kept the smaller translucent pressed powder because I need to get my work kit together again. The other 2 ELF box powders are different (sheer and soft lumenscense) so I kept them. The Ulta powder is almost empty so I’m going to finish it up soon. I’ll have Ben Nye powder until I’m 40 so I’m keeping it too. Good thing powders last for a long time!


I kept all of my contour products even though I don’t use them incredibly often. I actually have a 2nd of that Wet N Wild palette that I put away.


This was by far the hardest decision out of the full face box. I have so many blushes, including that palette that includes powder, bronzer, and highlighter. In the end, I chose to let go of my oldest product, the L’Oreal True Match blush, and the 2 I used the least often, the ELF blush and the Japonesque blush (black package).


Uh… I didn’t get rid of any of my highlighters. I keep saying I’m over highlighter yet I have 8 of them and can’t let any of them go. o.0 I am going to be making a concentrated effort to use up the 2 sample size ones (Urban Decay and Elizabeth Mott) and then start working on those full size products.


This one was difficult too, bronzers being something of a necessity during the summer. I really like the black-packaged ELF bronzers because of their mirrors. I kept those and the Ciate and Wet N Wild bronzers. I ended up letting go of the white-packaged ELF bronzer. I don’t get a ton of payout from that one.

Now, my full face box looks a little better.


It is at least a little better organized. lol

I don’t have much left to go through now. Liquid and cream lipsticks and eyeshadow. Cream lipsticks wont be difficult but those liquid lipsticks and eyeshadows will be a beast!

❤ Dee


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