Spring Cleaning: Matte Lipstick Sticks

This session of Spring cleaning went terribly. I mean, I didn’t want to part with any of my collection of matte lipstick sticks. I tend to call these crayons, others call them pencils or sticks. This product type includes my beloved ELF Matte Lip Colors and a few others.


17 of them. 13 of which are my ELF collection. No way could I get rid of those. The small one is from Bite. And the 3 white ones are a set from Lorac.

I knew going into this one that I wasn’t getting rid of any of the ELF lip colors. Wasn’t happening. And I absolutely love the shade of that Bite lipstick. So ultimately, I ended up only letting go of the 3 Lorac lipsticks. They are not true to their shade and I can’t keep them from transferring and fading away despite lip primer. Easy choice there.


So, this collection will remain overly large but I’m not bothered. lol This is just one item that I can’t part with. I still have a ton more to purge so I’ll be back with more Spring cleaning soon.

❤ Dee


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